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I-Tunes & JVC car stereo?

I just installed a JVC (model KW-R925BTS) car stereo in my truck. It has USB capabilities. My music isn on I-Tunes. When I upload my music from I-Tunes to my USB MEM chip I-Tunes includes a hidden folder that the JVC can not read.

I've been in contact with JVC and they sent me a firmware upgrade, which I have successfully installed into the stereo. However, my music is doing the same thing.

Let me explain what's going on:

I format my USB as FAT-32 (DOS) (which is the only way it will play in my stereo). I then uploaded my music. More on this in a second; because of the problems I'm having I decided to upload only one folder with only three songs. My JVC is seeing six files. File 001 plays the song. File 002 tries to play but says "NOT SUPPORTED". File 003 plays the SECOND song, file 004 tries to play but says "NOT SUPPORTED". File 005 plays the THIRD song (three of three), then tries to play file 006 which says "NOT SUPPORTED".

This is bugging the heck out of me. How do I copy my music from I-Tunes to a DOS chip without including the phantom extra files? I've already tried the disk utility and the show all hidden files command and have found the file labeled ".DS" and avoided copying that file over. So there's some phantom file that does not exist as far as DOS is concerned. My I-Tunes library doesn't show these phantoms but it also plays without any problems between files.

Does anyone know how to move these files without dragging phantoms along with them?


I've tried everything I can think of; including NEW mem chips. JVC says it's the phantom files from I-Tunes. There MUST be a way around this problem.

Lastly, I don't want to break out the old Windows XP computer and start uploading ALL my CD's again just so I can use the MS-DOS FAT-32 system. I have over 2,000 individual songs I want to have handy while driving. I like "Random Play" setting so the music is never in the same order twice. Y'never know what's going to play next and it's nice.

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    try a codec;s changer program

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