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What should I tell this friend?

He's mad at me because I was granted disability after working about 25 yrs (2 different places) The reason was I was applying was that I was let go from my job in 2014... I have Cerebral Palsy in my legs, I have had CP most of my life. I walk slower then everyone else. I have "gait" when I walk. (knees go inward) I have a handicap plate on my truck.

Unlike my friend, does not have a good work record. Does not hold a job very long (either quits or gets fired... Has not worked since '04. He thinks he should get disability because he has a bad back and hips. Addicted to pain pills (prescribed) Live with his mother @ the age of 44. Has one son (20) from his first marriage. That marriage did not last long He hooked up w/ another lady which resulted in a pregnancy.They never married. His second son is 4 He's was married two other times. Which ended up in divorce.

I called him the other day. He was not very talkative at the time.... It seem Like I was doing most of the talking. He lost signal 2 times.. I called back and he seemed interested in a show he was watching... I told him I'll talk to him later, He asked me to call him later in the evening.... Why would he want me to call him later in the day.When he was not talking to me that much earlier in the day.... Over the years He has became "boring" to be with and to talk to. We live two hours away. I was there to visit him last May '14. We did not do or go anywhere. We just sat on the porch swing and talked.

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    Seems he is more interested inTV than holding a conversation with you, which is downright rude.

    He may be envious of your disability grant, but you did work for 25 years, rathe rhan sitting around doing nothing. He should be proud of you considering your disability.

  • 4 years ago

    Q: What should I tell this friend?

    A: I don't get why you need to tell him anything. Getting disability isn't a competition. If he wants to spend his life feeling bitter, that is his choice.

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