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Genie Garage door problem; won't operate from wall switch.?

The door opens and closes fine from the remote. But the wall switch won't open or close the door. I've checked all the wiring and everything appears good. The safety beams work, they flash when the beam is interrupted too. The light on the wall switch is lit - so I know there's power there. Can there be another problem or is it going to be the switch?

(note) simply shorting the wires together does NOT actuate the door.

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  • 4 years ago
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    Don't forget to check the wiring at the other end, eg. where it attaches to the terminal board on the opener. Vibration could have caused a wire to come loose at that end.

    How many conductors are attached to the switch? I'm assuming one common and then one for the light and one for the door. The switch should be just a simple switch and touching the appropriate wires together should open the door or turn on the light. If to door operates by touching the wires then you've probably got a bad switch. If touching the wires still does not operate the door then you might have a broken/open wire.

  • 4 years ago

    Well, if shorting the wires doesn't work, then it is not the switch cuz that is what the switch does. Not sure what you mean by the "light on the wall switch is lit". Typically, a garage door does not use a regular light switch.

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