Do you recognize this signature?

I bought several original oil paintings in the Montreal area about thirty years ago. They are all of landscapes and all bear a purplish hue around the cabins that are pictured.

They were reported to me by the sales clerk to have been painted by a man of the Hungarian heritage by the name of "Bernard." said to be from the Verdun/LaSalle area. You can see from the photo that the signature looks like that but may be saying something else. Do you recognize "Bernard"?

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    4 years ago
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    yes a lettering that spells B e u some slight curved line an A another slight curve line what looks like a OPEN possible "D" sorry i did not see any "N" looks like a U so HOW do you KNOW its a SIGNATURE ? signature imply the name of the person who wrote it there are lots of people who have the name Bernard even a DOG . so when they AUTHENTICATE a painting they do ALL sorts of test and it also can be a COPY and IT IS SAID ( aka ASSERTED) to be from Verdun/LaSalle I do not see Bernard at all but possibly the word B E W A U L

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