Nature or Food ?

I was in Poland and in Germany. In Poland the People are much fatter than in Germany. Is this nature or Food ?

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  • 4 years ago

    It's climate and war.

    People in a colder climate eat fattier things than people in a warmer climate. That's a natural reaction to the environment, because you need some energy reserves for the cold days.

    I live in the Bavarian Forest in Germany and many people here eat fatty stuff, too. There's the fear of a cold winter, and the education ("you eat what we eat"), making people fat. And smoked fat ham is delicious, I like it, too. (176 cm, 72 kg)

    But I've seen Polish girls at a German university, and younger polish guys who studied here, and they were not fat at all. They were just like average central Europeans, and I think, the older population in Europe have their bellies because of war experiences: It's useful to eat as much as you can NOW because you cannot know when or whether you get something to eat again.

    There IS a difference in the bodies of the older and the younger population, and there is a difference between the east and the west. No doubt. But there also is a difference between the body mass of the more and the less educated, and that seems to be worldwide. More scientific studies about that should be done.

  • 4 years ago

    Being overweight as a population is always a case of food.

    Sometimes as simple as foods which are popular.

    Sometimes not being aware of the dangers of some kinds of food.

    But mostly just eating and drinking what they like best.

    I do not agree with you on all Polish being more overweight (on average) than all Germans (on average). But it might well have been or at least seemed to be such in the areas you visited.

  • 4 years ago


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