What are the Individuals that are worrying about Global Climate Change doing to bring down the cost of Green Energy?


This Question is about creating a solution not consuming less energy. The masses are zealots. They think with their wallets. Are you making the various ingredients more economically efficient, integrating parts to create saleable byproducts to help cover the cost of the original products? How Big are you thinking or are you stuck in plunder the government treasuries to get the welloff to subsidize the energy infrastructure by installing "Free Energy" collectors to help cover peak need.

Update 2:

I did a typo the Masses AREN'T zealots!

Update 3:

Looks like I need to explain the question better. Every part of Green Energy is more expensive than the present source of energy at today's cost. https://www.prageru.com/courses/environmental-scie... https://www.prageru.com/courses/environmental-scie... What are you doing to change the cost of Green Energy. Plundering the governments treasuries long term helps the well off but does nothing for the poor.

Update 4:

One has to bring down the cost of "Free" Energy Collectors & Storage or find away for the infrastructure to create saleable spin-off benefits will a profit margin large enough to subsidize the infrastructure. So again I ask you BMWs (According to Larry Elder) what are you doing to change the economics of Green Energy?

Update 5:

The solution has to be about creating wealth, not plundering government treasuries, or killing the 1st world economies.

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  • 4 years ago

    Developing new synthetic materials that are better at moving electricity, absorbing sunlight or storing electricity. Developing underwater turbines that are built in a way that can't harm sea life (usually looking like a long wave function shape... like a paint roller without the foam thing on it), returning what is now farmland back into forests by using tower farming... dude the list goes on and on. And the cost of solar has dropped dramatically in the past 15 years. Same thing happens with ALL technology. A cellphone the size of a home phone used to cost over $1,000 before inflation is factored in.

  • 4 years ago

    I tried to get solar panels on my house (didn't work for financial reasons, but I at least tried). I try to minimize my driving. I try to avoid unnecessary consumption. I voted in favor of my local power company installing more "green" energy when asked.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    When you get a question that is this DUMB you realize it won't even help to educate the idiot that asked it.


  • 4 years ago

    Buying solar, working on improved solar and wind technology, building animal waste powered generator systems on their dairy and pig farms, starting businesses involving installation of green energy systems, designing new mount systems, starting or joining local solar coops, finding ways that the utilities they work for can upgrade grids and integrate more renewables and storage capability, working on improved battery technology, designing turnkey solar electric systems for their remote area mining ventures,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Re your updates, you haven't paid anywhere near enough attention to the economics of exponential growth in new technologies. Costs for solar have come down drastically in the last couple of decades, production is radically up. There are many situations where renewables are cheaper now than fossil fuels, public utilities are beginning to addrfess what that means to their business models. Around 2000, the major focus of energy executives was getting laws rewritten to decrease their liabilities and assure profits under business-as-usual. They got their laws written as the wanted, didn't realize how many of the knock-on results would affect their industry badly. .

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  • BB
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    4 years ago

    Nothing. The Taxpayer-provided Welfare $$$Billions that have been propping up the "Green" energy scam is much too lucrative for the Warmers to even think about giving up....it's all about money and as long as Taxpayers are FORCED to squander their money on these scumballs, there is no incentive for them to cut costs.

  • 4 years ago

    Using eco friendly goods.

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