Can you be dyslexic at 16 and not have known about it earlier?

I am almost 16 and have struggled with spelling words and english for most of my life. My primary school was not the best and they never picked up on anything but once i started high school at 11 it was questioned but i was never tested for dyslexia and i myslef didnt really consider dyslexia at the time.

As the years have gone on ive been struggling with spelling more and more and i often confuse words that start and end with the same letter when reading for example 'insert' and 'intrest'. Many trachers have tryed to get me tested for dyslexia but never got round to it or forgot. Im going to be sitting my GCSE soon so theres really no way i could be tested this late and because im clever genrally and am in top sets for most things no one really questioned me being dyslexic sooner.

I just want ti know if there is a possibility that i am dyslexic and if so how can i test myself to see without the help of the school because i know they wont give it to me and my dad denies i could possibly be dyslexic even though my mum was questioned about dyslexia the same way i am being questioned when she was at school.

Any help will be appriciated !!!

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  • 5 years ago
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    Yes. Many people can go though life without ever being diagnosed as dyslexic.

    One of the problems with dyslexics is that they can be extremely clever -- many have IQ's over 150. They can learn things by rote, based on what others tell them, draw conclusions that are better than anyone else's, fool teachers into believing they have read the books, mastered techniques and so on. You should get the tests, professionally administered, to determine just how bad your dyslexia (if you have the condition) really is -- simple self-administered tests are not adequate.

    It can make a big difference to your life, if you are a known dyslexic.

    My granddaughter has a form similar to what you describe (she kind of doesn't "see" full words when reading or writing); despite being obviously very bright in most of her school work, she seemed to falter when it came to written tests. With the proper diagnosis, she now has a helper when it comes to written tests -- someone who reads the questions out to her, so that she really does get the whole question, not just parts of it (she "guessed" at the parts she didn't quite get, and was right most of the time so no one suspected she had a problem, or claimed she was lazy). It's moved her results on tests to the top of her classes.

    Mind you, it helped that my whole family was aware that I'm dyslexic, which meant that she was put through the whole series of tests, until they found her real problem, and hence could prescribe a technique that could help her. Myself, I "invented" tools that got me through

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    5 years ago

    It's very possible, but you can't test yourself. That's something that needs to be done by a professional.

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