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Tony asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 4 years ago

Best Answer Awards: Why am I not being notified?

Over the past few months I've not been notified of any best answers. While browsing my answer history I've discovered quite a few Best Answers and have NOT been notified of such.

Given, BA's are not important to me, I'm just wondering why this feature has stopped. Is Yahoo in such trouble that they're just slowly cutting everything until nothing's left?


I've been noticing a lot of problems. Trolls abound. Reporting them does no good. I even tried to insult someone so they'd report me and have my answer removed. It never got removed, so I deleted it.

I'm getting so disillusioned with YA that I don't want to participate any longer. Sad. sad.



Update 2:

ALL good answers so far. How to choose a best answer (BA)? Can't choose all, but I WILL choose one.

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  • 4 years ago
    Favourite answer

    There seems to be no option any more as a choice to receive notifications by e-mail in preferences any more. I also got a random email from an old answer like Ribert J did too. It was from 4 weeks ago.

    What is worse is I think the system is being hacked by tons of questions being copied and pasted from 3 years ago and their best answers being copied and pasted then awarded BA as well. I found this happen to me when I recognized my answer with some one else's name on it. There are so many different accounts doing this I think it may be computer generated. One way you can tell is both the copied question and copied answer accounts both have the same date as to when they joined YA. Along with being level 1 users they often have 100% or close to 100% BA awarded. As there is a flood of these being done and several days to give BA in between, it takes a while before the percent of BA gets close to 100% so many are in the 80% as well.

    I reported three of these ( only one was a copy of mine) from the dancing category as the answers were dated and easy to spot. They used to not hide the Q&A so I could see 10- 20 of these under one account all copied and pasted. The way I checked was using the title in YA search and the clones all came up with the originals.

    Edit: it seems reporting option isn't working for anyone else either.

  • 4 years ago

    I get the impression that the whole system is massively overloaded.

    I suspect they have either stopped notifications to reduce the load or the notifications are only sent when the load is very low and that's not happening.

    I've had one in the last few days and that was for a best answer given about a week before...

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Because Yahoo turned everything off.

    No notification when someone answer your question

    No notification when someone is awarded a best answer

    No notification when you are reported (the report button doesn't work, turned off)

    Can't use the email from the profile anymore either.

    So nothing is working.

    The Site is going down until a new owner takes hope!

  • 4 years ago

    It's broken right now.

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