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PiK asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 5 years ago

Rate these names?


Douglas Peter

Marvin Jack

Collin Hartwell

Stanley Michael

Ian James


Eleanor Quinn

Mabel Ann (Mae)

Greta Joan

Bridget Ophelia

June Marie


The following are family names from my list:



Michael (Dad's name and we do NOT want a Jr)






9 Answers

  • Anna
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    5 years ago

    Douglas Peter 7/10

    Marvin Jack 8/10

    Collin Hartwell ...this is hard, I love Hartwell but not Colin. Hartwell Colin would get a 9/10.

    Stanley Michael 4/10

    Ian James 2/10

    Eleanor Quinn 7/10

    Mabel Ann (Mae) 8/10

    Greta Joan 8/10

    Bridget Ophelia 7/10

    June Marie 4/10

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


    Douglas Peter 3/10 Like Peter, not Douglas!

    Marvin Jack 6/10

    Collin Hartwell 7/10

    Stanley Michael 5/10

    Ian James 10/10


    Eleanor Quinn 10/10 For Eleanor ... Not a big fan of Quinn! You could use the nickname Ella.

    Mabel Ann (Mae) 1/10 Reminds me of an old lady

    Greta Joan 0/10

    Bridget Ophelia 0/10 Love both names but they don't flow together

    June Marie 10/10

  • Paula
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    5 years ago


    Douglas Peter

    Collin Hartwell

    Eleanor Quinn

    Mabel Ann


    Stanley Michael

    Ian James

    June Marie


    Marvin Jack (I love Jack but Marvin is WAY better as an MN, its really dated and unattractive imo)

    Greta Joan

    Bridget Ophelia

  • Snid
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    5 years ago

    Douglas Peter~7~ Two nice, solid names that aren't often used now days. Douglas is my favorite of the two.

    Marvin Jack~6~ I like both names but I don't like them together. It sounds like the name of an alcoholic drink.

    Collin Hartwell~7~ I prefer it to be spelled Colin and i love the name. As long as Hartwell is a family name I like it. If you just randomly chose it, I don't.

    Stanley Michael~7~ Two solid names. I'd prefer Michael Stanley and that would get a 9. Stan is really old man like.

    Ian James~10~ Outstanding!!!!

    Eleanor Quinn~5~ I don't think these names flow well together. Plus, I prefer Quinn for a boy and Eleanor is an old lady name to me.

    Mabel Ann~5~ I think Mabel is an ancient, old lady name and unpleasant to say. You can never go wrong with Ann, though. Mae is cute. I'd rather see Mae as the first name and maybe Anna as the middle.

    Greta Joan~ 5~ I love the name Joan. Greta...not so much.

    Bridget Ophelia~0~ I don't think they go well together at all. I am not a fan of either name.

    June Marie~10~ Right out of the 20's or 30's. It's beautiful!

    I apologize if I am critical and I can't explain why I think some of them are old person names while other obviously older names do not bother me.

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    - Douglas Peter

    - Eleanor Quinn


    - Stanley Michael

    - Ian James

    - Mabel Ann

    - Bridget Ophelia


    - Marvin Jack

    - Collin Hartwell

    - Greta Joan

    - June Marie

  • Helga
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    5 years ago

    Douglas- 3/10

    Peter- 3/10

    Marvin- 1/10

    Jack- 6/10

    Collin- 5/10

    Hartwell- 1/10

    Stanley- 2/10

    Michael- 10/10

    Ian- 5/10

    James- 10/10

    Eleanor- 9/10

    Quinn- 5/10

    Mabel Ann- 6/10

    Greta- 4/10

    Joan- 3/10

    Bridget- 5/10

    Ophelia- 7/10

    June- 6/10

    Marie- 7/10

  • layla
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    5 years ago

    I like Stanley Michael and Ian James best

    I like Eleanor Quinn and Mabel Ann best

    All the names are decent

  • Douglas Peter - 8

    Marvin Jack - 6

    Collin Hartwell - 6

    Stanley Michael - 8

    Ian James - 10

    Eleanor Quinn - 10

    Mabel Ann - 7

    Greta Joan - 8

    Bridget Ophelia - 9

    June Marie - 8

  • 5 years ago

    Douglas Peter - 7/10

    Marvin Jack - 4/10

    Collin Hartwell - 5/10

    Stanley Michael - 4/10

    Ian James - 9/10

    Eleanor Quinn - 8/10

    Mabel Ann - 5/10

    Greta Joan - 5/10

    Bridget Ophelia - 7/10

    June Marie - 5/10

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