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Does anybody have or know where to download version 500L14 BIOS for a Toughbook CF-29 Mk5?


Update: Sorry I forgot to add that the Manufacturers website only has the L13 version and that's the Canadian website. The US website doesn't even have that.

Update 2:

Hi Aerialnine, I somehow got a virus in the BIOS that causes my cursor to jump around the screen like an ant on a griddle. I rewrote the MBR, reformatted and fresh installed the OS all to no avail. And the requested BIOS is the one on the laptop and V500 L13 won't even touch it. That is why I'm hoping to get V500 L14 if anyone knows anyplace that has it. My only other thought is to unplug the CMOS battery and see if the BIOS goes to default.

Update 3:

P.S. it's not a hardware issue as I'm am currently using it with Ubuntu 14.04, but all my needed programs are Microsoft and even with wine Ubuntu won't run half of them.

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    from the manufactures customer service website.

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