3 days after a workout and I'm still really sore. Will it go away soon?

Ok I do Pt once a week for 1/2hr then do my own workouts the rest of the week. Anyway at Monday's pt session I had to do with squats and presses with a barbell (no weights). Not that hard. Well apparently to my body it was. I am still in so much pain. The front of my thighs are so stiff it's hard to bend,walk. The same with my right tricep. When I straighten my arm out the muscle hurts and I tried to do arm circles and it killed.

I do do weight training at home but only use Dumbbells. I do a little at pt but mostly cardio.

About 5 weeks ago at pt I was doing pull ups (which I am piss weak at) and sit ups/lying tricep extensions with a 15kg plate. The same thing happened. The next day my arms seized up. The next week I couldn't do any tricep work and I was still a little sore the week after that.

Will my pain go away soon? Should I see my doc yet? And when can I return to exercise that will burn serious calories, not just stretches?

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  • SP
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    4 years ago

    Yes should be gone by tomorrow.

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  • 4 years ago


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