Anyone operating under color of law. Do you believe disarming American civilians is a good or bad idea and why?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Bad idea, and completely unworkable!

    Considering that most law enforcement officers and most National Guardsmen come from gun owning homes and backgrounds that include firearm related activities ... there would not be enough willing people to enforce a disarmament effort.

    I am a gun owner, I strongly believe that citizens of this country have the right to carry arms of self defense ... and I believe that we need to look at some real, workable restrictions on gun sales and possession. There are WAY too many violent crimes where the perp uses a firearm.

    If "our representatives" to state and national government were smart they would get together, far left, far right, moderates, etc and come up with real, workable plans to address the shootings. Improved mental health care would have to be a cornerstone of this effort (notice that many of the mass shooters have some sort of mental disorder?).

    But that just is not possible with American politics as polarized as it is. Both the far left and the far right will continue to propose "solutions" they know will be voted down by the "other side" then blame the other side because "nothing is getting done".

    Far left, far right ... I both sides should be ashamed of their actions. The time has come to get together and hammer out some good, workable solutions.

  • Phil
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    5 years ago

    Bad. Americans should be able to defend themselve against ANY threat. Physical or political. Besides, people who do not operate under the color of law will not disarm so why should I?

  • 5 years ago

    No, and it's not going to happen. Nobody's even seriously going to try to do that.

    The vast majority of Americans, however, think universal background checks should be mandatory.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Good idea, so the barbaric militias will collapse.

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