Are men capable of setting up DV shelters for men - and how could they do it - and when will they do it?

what help do they need?

BQ: If men could count on a fair share of government funds allocated to DV shelters, do you think it would make it easier?

BQ1: How would feminists respond if it became apparent that men's shelters would receive some of the government funds which are currently allocated only to women's shelters? Do you think this has played a part in feminist attitudes towards mens DV shelters?

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  • AG
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    5 years ago
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    Making DV shelters for men a reality and getting government funding for it like women's shelters currently get would be an uphill task because of the following reasons :

    --> It just wouldn't be the "politically correct" thing to do. Most voters are women and using funds to help men that currently go to serve women wouldn't sit well with the female vote bank. Women are known to support policies which privilege women and politicians who make misandric comments.

    --> In the off chance that a male domestic violence shelter did become a reality feminists would protest and get it shut before the first bruised, wife-beaten guy could even walk through the door. Feminists don't even allow MRAs to gather and *discuss* these issues without disrupting the meeting by resorting to tactics like pulling the fire-alarm - what would make one think that feminists would actually stand for MALE domestic violence actually getting some help? That would be against their narrative of "Woman = victim, Man = abuser".

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    I think the first thing that is needed to be established is that there is a real need. Just because some men are victims of domestic abuse does not mean that they have no funds to leave so need a shelter and this shelter has to be secret because they are in danger because they might get stalked and killed by the spouse they left. These two things - a lack of funds and a real danger need to be there for public funding for DV shelters for men. In Canada there are more homeless shelters for men than women - so why can't male DV victims use these if they are in crisis? Also men only shelters do not let women in - so would be relatively safe in terms of protection from a violent female spouse. A danger would have to be established. I have looked for evidence of this need on the net and found none. I have asked questions a few times here - no one provided any statistical evidence of a need other than a couple of cases of female spouses being violent but not of them stalking them after a break up. And one case is not enough - a pattern would have to be established. The governments just are not going to dole out this money if they do not see a need - it must be established first.

    In terms of women, a need has been established, "“…previous research has shown that female ex-partners were more at risk of being killed, than were current female spouses (Hotton, 2001). According to the Homicide Survey, this is particularly true in the first two months of separation (Mihorean, 2004).”

    Once a clear need is established, I think a case for funding could be made - but without it unlikely.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    It requires money and resources to build safe havens.

    My friends, male or female know they can stay at my house if they needed to escape an abusive relationship.

    My land and my house on it has security cameras, motion sensors and a lot of guns and ammunition inside it.

    I can zoom in on a moving target 500 feet away from my house with a camera or hunting rifle. My neighbors are the same way.

    We ready.

    Source(s): MGTOW
  • mk
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    5 years ago

    No. There is no mainstream call for them

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