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Amy asked in Consumer ElectronicsHome Theater · 5 years ago

Shouldn't the surround sound work on my tv too?

I got a bluray player with surround sound for my birthday but when I hooked it up it only plays on the surround sound speakers when I'm playing discs or online with the bluray player. I thought it should work with just the tv too.

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    If the TV has an optical out connection on the back and the bluray player has an optical in connection - you can use an optical audio cable(also known as toslink) to output the sound from the TV into the bluray player which will drive the surround sound system

  • 5 years ago

    Nope. You bought a "Box" home theater system. We get multiple complaints about these including what you have discovered. It is not a 'receiver' that you can send sound to.

    Yes - it claims it has inputs but these are red/white RCA inputs for stereo. Your TV is 5.1 - not stereo.

    Sorry - you have a disk player with attached speakers.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You can't assume such things, especially when the manual says otherwise. Buy cheap, get cheap.

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