Looking for a bit of advise?

The situation is that I seem to like this girl. I've never met her before, but I see her quite often and all I know about her is that she's friends with my boss' girlfriend (yeah, lol).

Now the problem is that when I came to admit that I like her, it drives me nuts. I mean I get seriously frustrated with myself and her when I feel like I like her and when I can't get her out of my head.

Usually I can ask out a girl if I find myself interested in her and so on. But in this situation everything she does like when I find her staring at me, when I find her walking down my street even just when I find a song and think of her, it makes me think 'why did I have to like her' and want to punch something.

I'm happy I like her and all, but it's driving my insane.

Anyone have the slightest clue what to do in this situation?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • 5 years ago
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    First bit of advice - spell that word right. Second bit of advice - you are in the perfect situation my friend. You have a chance to make magic happen. For most of us go through this life - at least most of this life - without ever feeling the spark you have described. Every song is meaningful, every tree sways to her beat, every animal humps to her visage. This is what life is about! Embrace that. Because, believe me, those feelings will be the ones you cherish; and you will want to dig them up, from their hidden marrow, many many years from now. So first thing, relax and embrace. Second thing - decide if you do what you must to win her. This takes guts, balls, ambition, but most importantly - absolute, unnerving passion. Your heart has to be in it. It sounds as though yours is. If you are feeling like that towards your boss' girlfriend's friend - then you have to go all out. I'm talking breathing from your balls, man. So how do you do it? You become confident in your passion for her, in your desire for her. And it will fall into place. You have to passionately want her so much your head literally shuts the **** up. You just go for it. If you feel that way, you have to not worry about trivial matters that consume the rest of us. Looking stupid? Who gives a ****. Just go talk to her, flirt, and let it happen as nature intended. Be cool. Be aggressive (not pushy). Be confident. Even be shy. If a girl makes me feel like that, I tell them I'm shy (which I am) but that these feelings have left me with a sense of powerful urgent desire. You are desirous of this beautiful woman! Go after her. Now, don't be a ***** and not tell her and fake interest or fake attraction or pretend you don't like her or not want to offend her. Do NOT do that **** in the preceding sentence. Be the man, and go after her. Hang out with her. Make friends with your boss, and go out with him, and even his girlfriend. Be around her. And be cool. But sexy. Not creepy. But confident. Not cocky. But suave. Not boring. But adventurous. Not crazy. But the man. Just be the man, man. Just ******* do it. Do it. Go. Go and do it. Talk. Laugh. Joke. Play a flirty game. Enter her spirit. Just do it. Stop typing this **** and go lift some weights or go out with her. Just do it. You can. You are gong to. I believe it. I feel that ****. I know I am going to see the PornHub amateur video soon. You got this man. You are ultra-confident. You are a man who goes after what he wants. So go.

    Good luck, and godspeed.

  • 5 years ago

    Not sure how to message on here but you helped me out with my last question Aiden, looks like it hasn't been seen yet so give it a look if you can. Sorry for asking on something so off topic (no clue how to use Yahoo).

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