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Does anyone have pressure cooker recipes that aren't soups/stews?

I got a pressure cooker with lots of settings but I can't find very many recipes. Lots of soups/stews but I need other sorts of recipes.

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  • 5 years ago

    You cook all meat you are baising in the pressure cooker like beef, pork, lamb, vension, rabbit etc in the pressure cooker very well.

    Here some German recipes.

    First a veggy sidedish Apfelrotkohl but you can also take brussel sprouts, buttered princess beans, caulyflower etc.

    Apfelrotkohl (apple- red-cabbage)

    You need a head of red cabbage about 2 kg and 1 kg of a sour apple best is Belle de Boskoop.

    Quarter the cabbage, cut off the stem and cut them in slices about 3mm thick. Then you get stripes. Peel the apple quater them and cut off the core. Cut the apples in to two pieces. Put all in the pressure cooker add 2 bay leaves, 2 spoonful of sugar, 3 spoonful of caraway, 2 spoonful of vinegra and half a cup of sunflower oil (original is pork or goose lard, but I take sunflower oil for health reasons.) Boil it for 12 min in the pressure cooker. Take so much you need for the dinner the rest freeze.

    Schmorbraten (Braised meat)

    1 kg of beef ( not the best cut and not mamoured)

    saute the beef sharp in sun flower oil so that it is dark brown all around.

    Take it out and mke 3 onions glassy in the oil. Then put the meat in the pot again, ad 2 large carrots 1 peeled and quatered apple, the water of a can of white mushrooms, 2 bay leaves, 1 spoonful of oregano, 1 spoonful of thyme, 1 spoonful of tarragon, 1 spoonful of sweet paprika powder. Boil for 45 min to 1 hour. (after 1 hour the toughest meat is tender. By the way tough meat tastes better.)

    Take of the meat and pass the fluid through a gator in a pot. Add pepper a teaspoonful of tomatopaste and 60 ml of sourcream. If the sauce is too fluid thicken it with a roux. Add the white mushrooms and a shot of Bordeaux.

    Serve with boiled potatoes or dumplings.

    Rinderrouladen mit Apfelrotkohl

    You need some thin slices of beef.

    Cover it thin with mustard (Dijon type) and thin slices of bacon. Then put a pickled cucumber at one end and make a roll.

    Fix the rolls with toothpicks (wood) if you have no special needels. Saute the rolls and rest as above. Cooking time is 30 min.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you can cook beans,legumes and rice and all other grains with it

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