Why do some accuse the BBC of having a socialist or left wing bias?

What socialist network would air entrepreneurial pro capitalist and pro big business programmes like The Apprentice or Dragons' Den?

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    5 years ago
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    You'll always get ppl accusing the BBC of bias both ways. They ran a feature last night on One Show explaining how viewers can get involved giving a home to an asylum seeker which seems like getting involved on political level towards the LEFT. But sometimes it works the other way. When the Tories were heading for victory in May's general election the BBC reported it all in celebratory mood which showed bias to the RIGHT.

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    5 years ago

    The BBC are elitist under the guise of being left-wing so long as they are fulfilling their agenda to assist ethnic cleansing of London and the UK cities.

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    5 years ago

    because they want to try and make it even more right-wing and pro-Tory. Did you see the anti-labour, pro-Israel stuff on Panorama last night? Was it made to please Cameron and Benjamin Netanyahu or something?

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    5 years ago

    Because they don't have a rightwing bias.

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  • 5 years ago

    Conservatives are upset with those with open minds.

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    5 years ago

    Do you really believe that Europe the most civilized, well-mannered, advanced, wealthy, experienced, and religious continent at that time woke up one morning hatched a plan to rule the world for hundreds of years, via a single totalitarian government, ruled by fascist leaders and all of a sudden dropped its pantaloons and suddenly rushed into two other continents raped them of their resources and slaughtered the native people. Get real. Europe was a complete mess at the time. (If you didn’t know that check out the American Holocaust PDF) We all know that it was diseases that wiped out 95% of the Native population. Bartoloma De La Casa is just a symbol by college professors in order to convert Christians into atheist. Sure they did horrible things, but if it wasn’t for the gruesome actions of a few Christians then, we wouldn’t have the world Politically Correct minorities benefit off and complain about today. Europe wouldn’t have advanced and the age of Industrialization never would have occurred. And another truth is that without the actions of Adolf Hitler, the weapons race never would have occurred, and humanity wouldn’t have developed computers, the internet that we are using right now, Atomic bombs (which make the world a safer place based on the theory of deterrence), and reality as we know it would be much worse. You see from this point in history we have to look reality in the eye. Without war we cannot have peace. Without the forced migration of one people they cannot be united. In the latter half of the last century the ancestors of evil men looked back and felt an overwhelming sensation of guilt. I say that it is time we got rid of this, and the end of Political Correctness.

    What if I told you that all the power the Politically Correct seem to have is nothing more than a superficial construct? They would have you believe that they are in control of the social media and everyone is on their side. But that’s not true. Political Correctness is its own biggest lie. They make you think they can get you fired based on what you say on social media. They make you think they can destroy your reputation if you make the wrong move or say the wrong thing. They make you think they can rewrite history; tell you you’re preserving hate instead of heritage. They make you think they can adjust our youth’s minds in an effort to support their agenda and you should conform because no matter what you say they are the ones in 90% of the schools and they determine the mindset of the next generation of voters. Well here is a newsflash: that isn’t true anymore. Last year a secret revolution occurred that allowed republicans to win the midterms; and it’s the same reason why Donald Trump has retained so much support. Last year when sales of Grand Theft Auto V (the latest addition to the most Politically Incorrect videogame series of all time, Grand Theft Auto) reached nearly a billion dollars in on its first week on the shelves; the highest elites among the Politically fled from their thrones of influence.

    Since then the Politically Correct have lost all influence on social websites such as YAHOO! No longer may user accounts be suspended for homophobic, sexist, or even racist comments. From this point the majority of the Politically Correct have devoted their time to social media trolling. But now the threat of the rise of the Politically Correct over the Video-game Industry, which will lead to the boycott and eventual banishment of the Politically Incorrect chauvinistic, sexist, racist, video-game series known as Grand Theft Auto, and a totalitarian conquering of this nation, must be countered with a new national conversation (White people are the real victims of slavery, Imperialism, racism). From past observations of the Politically Correct Administrations of influential Campuses, they have been planning to destroy the video-game series known as GTA for a long time. One school principal threatened to call the police on parents that let their kids play Grand Theft Auto. And know the final piece in the prophecy has arrived. On November 10, 2015 the video-game known as Fallout 4 will be released. These video-games may become a symbol for the left. They have already become a tool for spreading liberalism into the minds of our youth. Fallout was once the Post-Apocalyptic Pulp Fiction of videogames, but now it has become no more than a message for liberalism in general after the Politically Correct Bethesda Game Studios stole the copyrights to the Fallout series from its original developers Black Isles. In Past years Bethesda Game Studious has injected messages into its videogames: Green Peace/Animal welfare, Feminism, gay rights, racial equality, income equality, anti-war, anti-military, and more recently Marxism.

    Here are the Left-Wing messages that have been expressed in the last two Fallout games:

    The Evidence:

    [Green Peace is all about the world is coming to an end because of humanity and they put it right inside of a videogame that takes place after a nuclear war.]

    The very theme song of Fallout 3 is a testament to the left- “I don’t want to set the world on fire”. This very song utters the doom and gloom the left express over global warming.

    In FO3 there is a mutant character known as Harold who has also appeared in previous Fallout games. But when Harold appeared in Bethesda’s Capital Wasteland they just had to add a Politically Correct swing to him. In FO3 the character Harold (already exposed to Forced Evolutionary Virus and having a tree named Bob growing out of him) has become fused with tree growing out of him, his legs become roots. . He was discovered by several people who began to worship him as a god, and a small and exclusive cult known as the Treeminders began to form in secrecy. Bob began to blossom and many plants grew in this area, which became green with life, a stark contrast to the outer wasteland. Tree minders is just another term for Tree Huggers, which is exactly what the new game designers from Bethesda Game Studios are.

    FO3 also uses fear tactics to promote alternative energy. FO3 scares gamers into becoming advocates of energy efficiency. After playing, gamers are likely to think that if we don’t move towards alternate sources of energy we’ll run out of oil and gas and our world leaders will nukes us over the last remaining natural resources.

    The FO3 storyline pertains to the fight for clean water, and echoes the fear expressed by those in California. The truth is that the agriculture industry uses over 80% of the water in California. Most of the water in California is being used to clean almonds. So any attempts to cut down on the amount of water used by residents will never solve the issue.

    In FNV (Fallout New Vegas) there is an area known as Hidden valley bunker, on the outside of the bunkers are peace symbols and messages that display the anti-nuclear war mentality of the 1960’s through 1990’s (Before it became about anti-toxic waste, save the whales, and human beings are the scourge to nature, and where all going to die because of 'manmade' Global warming.

    There are messages about income inequality that appear in both Fallout 3 and FNV. Outside of Fallout shelters lay signs once carried by the now dead protesters who thought screw the wealthy 1% because they can afford to enter the bunkers.

    On 11/10/2015 who would be willing to spend their money on the Politically Correct anti-slavery, Marxist videogame Fallout 4? At the end of the day it’s about money. But no one really hates the ideas of slavery, because it made this nation, and no one is going to buy that video-game Fallout 4. On paper it sound good, you walk around trying to improve a post-apocalyptic society while fighting slavery and liberating the underdogs of the new world. But that’s not right. The truth is for a world to begin again there has to be slavery and imperialism. Some of you like video-game like this, you think in what world is the greatest nation formed off of centuries of slavery and mass genocide. But in time you’ll come to the conclusion that there is no real need for Political Correctness and Slavery is not that bad. When you go to bed to night you will not spread the message of #Fallout4Equality via social media. This video-game will not become a symbol for the left. And all of the other disturbances that have occurred on the internet in the past weeks over this issues will be resolved and all will return to normal. In the following I have 20 points that prove why Fallout 4 will not sale in one month, enough copies to beat the two day sales record of Grand Theft Auto V. And on November 10, 2015 I will prove that black lives, LGBT rights, women’s rights, and all other social injustice hoaxes are non-issues when the most Politically Correct videogame of all time doesn't reach a billion dollars in sales on its first week on the shelves. And then we will know that Political Correctness is just an unnecessary joke that we don’t need in our private lives.

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