Why do people lie on Chatlines?

OK I met so many guys on different chat lines and all of them could not be honest with me about what it is they wanted. I feel that I'm wasting my time anytime I get on a damn Chatline because I haven't discovered nothing good off of them. I think I should leave them alone because I keep getting hurt and I keep settin myself up for getting my feelings hurt and taken advantage of. I feel what's the damn purpose of having chatlines all men/women do is lie on them. Lie about what they want in a person, lie about how they look sometimes, and can't keep it simple. Most guys be on there 4 sex not interested in getting to know a woman. Its sad why people lie on chatlines

1 Answer

  • 5 years ago

    People lie on chatlines to feel better about them self, and they assume they'll get more girls.

    They do it for low self esteem.

    You should stay away from chatlines because you don't know who is on the other end.

    And a cute voice sometimes doesn't have a that so cute face.

    If you want to find someone, go on dating websites, but becareful because they are a lot of fake profiles.

    Try meeting people in real life, best of luck.

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