Some interesting facts you may or may not have known...what do they tell us about how we regard males and females?

I recently watched a video from TL;DR on YouTube that I found almost unbelievable, and I'm curious if anyone else finds this a little interesting in a rather repulsive way.

For starters on the terms "boy" and "girl":

* Boy (unknown origin) was used to refer to a male servant.

* Girl (Low German origin) was used to refer to a child, irrespective of their sex.

With regards to the colors red and pink, red was previously a color that tended to have more masculine connotations (according to TL;DR)...and pink was a color that tended to be preferred for boys.

What does it say about us that men are conditioned to view ourselves as disposable, and we opted to use a term referring to a male servant for male children, while the term that referred to all children was at some point appropriated to refer to female children, and a color intended for male children...was appropriated by feminists?

And keep this in mind, as many feminists have indicated that they object to pink and blue clothing being used in hospitals to denote female and male children respectively.

You can watch the whole video, but I'm linking the video at the parts that related to this question.

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And I'm just going to leave a trigger warning here: the video contains a whiney male feminist, so if you're triggered by that, please don't watch.

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    I love TL;DR, I'm subscribed to him, he was really good videos. I agree with TL;DR, I don't know what the hell that mangina was talking about.

    I grew up as a tomboy which I still am. I had lots of male friends how ever I've only ever had female best friends. I wore boyish clothes and my mum let me play with male toys like army men, action man, cars and lego. I never received any issues from it and no one cared. However for the first 3 yrs of HS people assumed I was a lesbian not just because I was masculine but because I was masculine and only every seen with my best friend which we were practically joined at the hip. I didn't care that some people who I didn't care about thought I was a lesbian because I knew otherwise and I felt that, that was all that mattered. Then after HS my old social group a few of them questioned my sexuality not just because I was masculine but because I was masculine and barely ever dated. The longest relationship I've ever had was 2 yrs but I'm also quiet comfortable being single for long periods of time. I understood people questioned this because my behaviour was only common in a minority of females and it was more common in lesbians. It never effected my life or changed how people treat me.

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    Gay AF

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