could I be pregnant?

Ok we're in the month of April and me and my boyfriend has been having constant sex for this month. I had a period on March 17th and bled til the 20th of that month. Now we're in April and it's April 27th and no I don't have regular cycles they vary but I took two pregnancy tests n both read negative. Its only been one week hasn't been 2 weeks yet. I'm gonna wait til this Friday to test again n use my last pregnancy test n my pack since it came wit 3 tests. Never used a pregnancy test called ept sum. Its new so I wouldn't kno. But if anyone can help me I wind appreciate it. Thanks.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Really needs to be 3 weeks for home pregnancy tests to read as positive, even if you are pregnant. If you've had unprotected through the last month, it's definitely possible you're pregnant. If you're normally irregular though and it ws protected sex (you don't say one way or the other) then the chance of being pregnant is small.

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