Sister impacting relationship w/ niece & nephew?

I've had some disagreements with my sister, over the past year and a half. She's horrendous with money. I've twice denied her insistence for financial support (taking her kids to get footwear; loaning her $800). She already has not repaid our other brother over $1,800 in expenses.

I texted my nephew about what he wanted for his birthday a month beforehand. He never responded to my text, nor acknowledged it. I gave him a gift and a card on his birthday. Granted he had friends with him on his birthday, but he did not acknowledge it over the coming days, nor has he at all.

I texted my niece a few weeks ago, about gifts for her birthday. Again - she never acknowledged the text, nor returned it. I was talking with my brother on Easter, and he said that my niece told him that she would send him some gift suggestions later this week.

At this point, I will likely buy her gift certificates, which is what I did for my nephew. But, at the end of the get-together with my family, I am considering telling my sister I will no longer get gifts for her children.

They are rude and don't return texts They don't acknowledge gifts received. It appears they are adopting their mother's attitude / anger with me, for not financially supporting her (and them). Am I wrong in considering not buying gifts for my niece and nephew any longer? I feel like I'm an outcast, that is being taken for granted - I'm only in their lives when I provide gifts that aren't acknowledged.

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  • 6 years ago

    Hi... your sister's kids are living what they learn, and i remember when i was growing up, my mother insisted i show my thanks for gifts i receive. So i did,and still do. It's not the kids' faults they are rude, it's their mother's doing.

    Sure, you feel slighted. I don't blame you.

    You're not an outcast.... can you approach the kids and ask them if they received their gifts? You're a relative, and i don't think you'd be out of line letting them know something about gratitude and that it's always nice to let others know they received a gift and appreciate it, regardless of whether it's from you or someone else. Their mother is obviously teaching them nothing.

    I wish you well. You have to make your own decisions about what you do with your money and your generousity.

    take care.

  • 6 years ago

    I wouldnt bother telling your sister

    i would buy your niece, as you have already bought for your nephew

    and leave it at that

    they should have been taught from an early age to say thank you, and contribute even a little bit of a drawing on a thank you card, thats what we did with our children, before they could write their name

  • 6 years ago

    Leave them all to be jerks together. I have nieces and they break EVERYTHING I buy for them. I told my sister the gifts were going to stop. My sister agreed that i should stop buying things for them. Don't purchase things with your hard earned money when its not being appreciated. kids and adults alike. You dont deserve to be treated like that. If its making you upset, stop doing it.

  • 6 years ago

    i wouldnt get them anything if theyre not going to acknowledge it

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