What childhood illness has spots developing on the extremities first?

Both my kids came down with this, and to my surprise so did I. Most symptoms match Roseola: sudden onset fever, with the rash appearing as the fever drops.

Some of the spots are slightly raised, they barely itch (but do feel... weird) and they are a pale red. They don't develop into blisters except on my youngest's thumb (no doubt from the excessive thumb sucking for comfort right now) and my oldest's bum (no big wonder in even the most regularly changed diaper I guess).

The weird thing is that on all of us the spots start on hands and feet. Doesn't the rash of Roseola usually start on head and torso? Does any other childhood illness follow this pattern? I'd like to cross whatever they have off my list of illnesses to expect.

PS Before anybody says to take them to a doctor: doctors around here won't see spotty kids unless they are very ill , are in respiratory distress, and/or develop symptoms of meningitis, none of which is the case.


My, isn't this question turning into a midden heap for anybody who ever disliked one of my answers?

By the way, the answer was Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

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  • How did you find out it was Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease?

    Happened to come across this question randomly. Sorry for all the nasty people.

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    6 years ago

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