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is it me or does no one answer my questions anymore...?

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    Usage of the system has dropped off a lot over the past year. The changes in formatting and administration, and the endless reporting for harmless "violations" by a small corp of hyper-active "trusted users" has driven a lot of users away, and the vacuum of their departure has been filled by trolls who further erode the system.

    You can increase the chances of getting good answers by following the advice offered here about making sure your question is in (and stays in) the right category, and by offering more details if necessary to enable others to provide reasonable answers.

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    6 years ago

    Which category your question is placed in helps a lot getting answers and better answers.

    I just moved this question to a better category for you.


    Once you submit a question check to see where it is automatically placed...

    The way it is now... A Category is Automatically selected based on keywords in your Question.

    Once you Submit your Question and the Category is not where you want it.

    Click Edit Category above the question and then All.

    On the newer format with round avatars click Edit under the question and then Edit category.

    Find the Category you want it in, click that and Subcategory click that and Submit.

    The down side is that all Level 7 users can move any Questions to any other Category, so if you find that your Questions are being moved to other Categories you can move it back to where you want it to be.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    It could be your questions regarding "Cardiff" because there are no one on this site that lived there or do not know what State or Country you are referring to. You need to add more details and it might work. Or delete those questions and re-write them.

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