In what ways does the art of living coordinate with the new technologies?

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  • Naguru
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    6 years ago

    Making Life a Celebration

    The Art of Living personal development programs combine the mystical and

    the modern to help you create a life of purpose, joy and confidence

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The art of living well, the considerations of living, the mindfulness of being. New technologies allow minds and beings to connect all over the world. Imagine if you will, God Plc at his computer, with the world fixated at his fingertips. Would it be a better world, I think not, would we be getter informed if acquainted, most probably unlikely, would there be peace and stability,, very implausible. Too many ideologies not enough ethics. Too many condidates not enough good men. Not much empathy, too much exploitation. It is mere conjecture, waxing rhetoric, babbling brooks of disquietedness. Disillusionment.

    Who am I but an incognisant cog in a manically depressive machination of ideals lost in their own duality.

  • Sam
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    6 years ago

    Technologies can be used for good and/or bad. As with living, it's a matter of the choices we make. It's always been that way, no matter the technology..

  • 6 years ago

    the last question you asked before this one was 6 years ago eh....?...interesting

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