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Suzy Q asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 6 years ago

How on earth do I dose pure sucralose?

My husband is currently on a strict high protein low carb diet. He's having a hard time at the moment with the lack of sweet snacks, and I want to surprise him with some home baked low carb cookies.

I have almond meal, and the sweetener sucralose. The pure stuff without fillers, not Splenda. Supposedly it is 600 times as sweet as sugar.

How do I use this stuff? The recipe calls for 100 grams of sugar, and I definitely don't have a scale sensitive enough to weigh 0.1666667 grams. (Who does?)

Can I measure by volume? Teaspoons, half a teaspoon, a quarter teaspoon?

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  • Geezer
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    6 years ago

    that's the advantage of splenda, you can use it measure for measure as a sugar replacement, so it is great for baking. even if you match the sweetness of sugar, just the lack of volume will mess up your baking recipe.

    i have never come across pure sucralose, i imagine it is best for sweetening liquids, such as lemonade where all you need is one drop in a pint or something.

    it might be better to find some splenda for your first try, you can experiment with sucralose later. i believe splenda is sucralose plus maltodextrin, a not very sweet sugar from malt. it is that maltodextrin which gives it the bulk.

    there must be a cooking section of yahoo answers, you might try there of put "baking with sucralose" into a search engine.

    good luck!

  • 6 years ago

    100 grams= 7 Tablespoons

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