Please help! What is this heart problem (details inside)?

Every once in a while my heart will start to beat really intensely. The pulse is a little higher than normal but not too high, but it's weird. It's like all of a sudden I can feel my heart beating way harder than normal.

I can breathe okay but it feels like I'm choking, if that makes any sense?

I get dizzy and have to sit down until it goes away, which usually takes 20 minutes or so.

A similar heart problem runs in my family (my mom and sister both have it) where their pulse gets dangerously high, but that's not what happens to me exactly.

I'd think it's a panic attack or something psychological like that, but I'm not usually emotional or scared at the time (other than suddenly being scared of the feeling in my chest of course).

I don't take drugs or drink often. This doesn't happen more often when I've had caffeine. (In fact, it just happened after I'd been sleeping for 9 hours, and I hadn't had caffeine before that.)

I can't think of any disease or problem I've heard of that would fit this. I told my doctor and she didn't really answer.

2 Answers

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