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I had an answer reported. In the email it sent me to customer service but there was no place to appeal my deletion.?

I filled out the customer service form as well as I could but it was not an appeal form.

Question: what do Christians say, does this prove that JESUS lie?

Deleted Answer: Jesus didn't lie because he isn't real.

This is the question and answer that I gave. I don't understand how it is violating the rules here. It is not chatty, It is not rude, it is a direct answer to the question. I feel like it was reported because that's what the Christians do when they don't like your answer, it doesn't have to violate any rules at all. Then I get gigged ten points and no way to appeal? Not fair.

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  • 6 years ago

    It is violating the rules because, really, it is NOT a direct answer to the question; it was a comment, pointing out what you believed was a fallacy in the underlying content of the question. If a person asks a question about mermaids, saying mermaids are not real isn't an answer. An answer MUST give a useful or helpful response to the actual question being asked.

    Now, that said, the question itself was a violation, unless there were additional details that made this a question asking for real information, not just a yes/no about whether jesus lied or not. So your proper action would be to report or ignore the question, not post a comment to it.

    Finally, the link in the email should go to an appeal form, but there have been many issues with those links over the past few months. They should have fixed it, and my latest one did work properly. But if you want to try appealing again or in a better format, you can use the alternative form:

    To fill out the form:

    Select a Product: > Answers

    Select a Category: > Appeals

    Select a Sub-Category: > (choose what you want to appeal)

    Select "appeal question" if there is no link for "appeal answer"

    Type "unknown" if you do not know the information being asked for.

  • 6 years ago

    Maybe it was seen as rant,I don't know,but I want to see your proof that Jesus isn't real.There would have been an option to appeal on you violation email,you just didn't look in the right place.

  • 6 years ago

    There is always a place to reply,it is a standard email sent to all violaters.

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