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Is there any particular reason I should try to get my 8 month old back on bottles?

No, don't worry, I haven't taken away his formula!

My 8 month old just got his first tooth, and while it was breaking through he completely refused his bottles. So I offered him his formula in a straw cup instead, and with a bit of encouragement (and lots of small feeds a day) he managed to still drink enough formula for his needs.

Now his mouth isn't bothering him any more, but it seems like he decided he prefers the straw cups over bottles. I think because he can sit up straight in his high chair and look around better while drinking. Personally I am very much in favour of always holding baby and bottle while feeding, but it looks like he's done with getting his formula that way.

I think I'll just let him have his straw cups instead of bottles if that's what he prefers, but is there any reason I haven't thought of why I shouldn't? He seems awfully young to be off bottles. I do already make sure I hold and cuddle him extra to make up for the lack of physical contact while feeding, and I don't just hand him the cup; I sit with him, holding the cup for him.

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    6 years ago
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    I can't think of one. I started my son with a sippy cup at 6 months with his juice/water combo that was recommended back then. I gave him one a day to start with, at first he mostly played with it, but by 12 months, he was using it for all of his liquids, and had no desire for a bottle.

    If your son can get the nutrition he needs from a straw, instead of a bottle, there's no need to go backward. Doing so, could make it harder later to ween him from it. If he's happy and well fed, I wouldn't push the issue.

    As for the cuddling, he doesn't have to be drinking for it to count. :) He's 8 months, and awake so much more than he was as a newborn. That means there's so much more time for you to interact with him, and have cuddle time, of which I'm sure you take advantage of.

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    6 years ago

    There isn't any harm in handing him the cup or bottle if that's what he wants and can manage it well. Some babies are more independent and appreciate being able to take care of themselves to whatever degree that they can. My baby much preferred sitting with a Bobbie or high chair managing his own bottle since he was 5 months. I always stayed nearby of course in case he choked but he rarely did. Never had a problem. He's a very confident independent of kid today...always the leader in the group. And he has no attachment issues or anything. No sense in smothering a child who is trying to spread his wings a little. There's plenty of other times to help him when he actually needs help.

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