Killing Myself?

Hi, So, I'm 15, and I failed the ninth grade, i have a horrible life as it is and I honestly failed, and I feel as f I ****** up my life! And I know I have!

All I EVER wanted was to graduate high school and get out of my country/ my state/ house/ city & to move away from my parents and sibling, and now my plan/dream is RUINED and it was already going to be 3 more years but now 4! I don't know how to deal with failing a grade

And it's a new school and I won't make any friends and plus they'll all be freshman! (Ew) and I won't get invited to parties since I'll be a freshman again! And I won't make any friends and I'll get 2018 shirts INsTEAD of 2017 :( and I just don't know what to do so HALP please :(

My dream was set back by 6 years already for not being born earlier (it's kind of a time limited plan/dream) and now it's being held back EVEN more!!!!

I have NO ONE to talk to at home, and when I do, they always laugh at me and EnCOURA({ me to kill myself, and I don't have ANY friends or family

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  • 6 years ago

    Your set back will launch you even farther to your success and dreams.

    You must believe that you are strong and can get through anything.

    Time goes quick.

    Make a stand now and pay attention in school and work everyday towards your goal.

    I believe in you.

    • Gillian6 years agoReport

      Thank You... :)

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  • cody
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    hugs an ove. dont live to graduate but for gods loveing careing kindness ways. live in shareing love (not romantic. but the jesus love) hugs, il be ur friend my facebook is a good ay to tlak . camaro codybattery is my username.

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  • 6 years ago

    take a deep breath and relax. everything will be okay.

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