Yahoo! Answers: Are Yahoo! having financial problems or something? Is Yahoo Answers going to close down in the near future, or be sold off?

A lot of these recent so called "enhancements" seem to be a desperate way of garnering clicks, users and impressing sponsors, like hiding "irrelevant" answers, getting rid of country-specific filters, giving trolls the "Anonymous" feature to hide behind so they can ask and answer will all kinds of garbage, allowing L7s to move questions, and choosing our section for us.

The only decent change that has come out of this new format seems to be the ability to comment on other people's answers, all the other new features have hindered this site, it seems like just as you're beginning to get used to it, they add another dumb feature or remove something.

Is this site going to be sold off to Google or Facebook, or shut down in the near future or something?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    Severe financial problems and in red. Ad revenues declined in the latest quarter per news headlines

    Answers survival is in jeopardy. Some financially better off users like me don't have to worry or be sorry. It's Yahoo's financial mess. I emerged out successfully out of my own financial troubles and became stronger. Now it's Yahoo turn to do the same

    Poor business management by mathematically illiterate bureaucrats along with a business model that's badly outdated and inability to change with changing times are just few of the causes

    In order for businesses to survive and succeed they must change their rules, policies and mission statements with rapidly changing generations. Y!A stubbornly keeps sticking to same rules and that's why it is falling apart

    This is for the guy that thumbed me down --

  • 6 years ago

    All Q&A sites like YA have money troubles because users do not pay anything. So they have to sell ads and ads are sold by user numbers and user clicks. YA is a very small piece of Yahoo and if they do not at least break even, it will be quickly gone. Google could not keep Google Answers open and Amazon closed down Askville.

    As to new features, you have comments, change categories, add video, add pictures, removal of voting, and others.

  • Katz22
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    The same question about Yahoo! Answers closing down was asked 8 years ago and Answers managed to survive.

    In the back of my mind, I think the Answers format will change even more, as time goes on.

    Whether Yahoo! Answers will close or not, that is a decision only Yahoo! management can make, they have the inside information.

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