WHO is an enemy? What makes a person or something qualify for being an enemy?

Have you ever claimed you were someone's enemy? And what was the reason?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Enemy is a one who thinks you should vanish from this world totally , doing all sorts of cruel things to bring you down ... they even do sin if it benefits them . in that case you should completely withdraw connection from them . they themselves reap their sin ...

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    I don't see choosing to be someone else's enemy as productive. If you look at all the political discussions on yahoo, a lot of people seem to have lost sight of what the issues are and are just focused on demonizing and tearing down the people on the other side. How often does this change anyone's mind?

    Labeling someone as any enemy has a way of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you keep telling someone that you hate them and wish them harm, they'll eventually hate you right back.

    I might use the word "enemy" to label a person who is a threat here and now, but it's a live grenade of a word to throw around for very long.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    An enemy can be many things. But to me an enemy is someone who is worth commiting to fighting.

    Like H.H. Holmes (look him up). Someone that evil.

    Also, when your stuck in a dramatic social game of some kind. Like one ups or when really poor people make stuff hard from their wisdom of hard times. Vagabonding it up. Like, tricking a family member into doing crack, breaking your heater yet not the counter. Or owning lots of pets and making other people clean up after you.

    When some people declare war on you, it's not like I chose to antagonize them. In fact I avoid it when I can. But when these mental head cases keep pushing something that's in their head (like the movie the cable guy). And your constantly a victim of their shinanigans. Its all gravy and they deserve what ever you consider the worst is.

    For instance my sister is this fat tweaker. Meth head. Her boyriend is a coke dealer who is a contruction worker. There is no explanation to what goes through their heads, but they continue to key my car, steal my laundry, have their dogs take dumps all over my older moms house. They squat there for months on end subtly....

    I am too close right now, but the moment I have a bit more cash saved I'm out of that neighborhood.

    But seriously someone turning their back on their family and allowing it to degrade because you want to use drugs, is one of those things that makes you an enemy to others.

    I've had a few idiots attack me and jump me, strangers, gang members, hells angles. And I always stood my ground. As long as they leave me I don't seek them (because I am too poor to pay for the stuff I need like Rope).

    But someone who makes it personal and laughs at your face sums it up. Honestly if their just doing it to exist in your life, then it's obviously for you. So it's like a last resort type move.

  • mcbath
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    4 years ago

    What Is An Enemy

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  • 6 years ago

    A person becomes an enemy when he/she becomes to dare to hurt another or others intentionally with hatred, not love, in order to cause suffering to those he/she hates. His/her aversion is so intense that he/she can plan to hurt the one(s) he/she hate to suffer. This person hurts his/her enemy physically or verbally or both want for suffering. And this person gets the pleasure in the process

    That doesn't include temporary aversion in official fighting - such as boxing, etc. as both sides play with rules.

    I myself have no enemy. I don't see myself an enemy of anyone at all. It can be risky but I still have to avoid potential dangers - such as red light.


  • 6 years ago

    Interesting question! I wonder indeed if people ever think of themSELVES as someone's enemy. I guess I don't - there is no one I actively try to hurt, tho a few should worry that they have given me good reason to -

  • 6 years ago


    The Hebrew term ʼoh·yev′ and the Greek ekh·thros′ refer to one who is hostile or one who hates. (Ex 23:22; Mt 5:43) The first record of enmity in the universe is the action of the “serpent,” later identified in the Bible as Satan the Devil (Re 12:9), when he approached Eve with a challenge as to God’s truthfulness. (Ge 3:4, 5) Jesus Christ described this spirit creature as a manslayer, also as “a liar and the father of the lie.”—Joh 8:44;

    There are many “enemies” to be overcome by the Christian during his life course, aside from literal personal opposition. There is grave danger in capitulating to these “enemies,” for, if submitted to, they will bring one into the position of an enemy of God. Says the apostle: “The minding of the flesh means enmity with God, for it is not under subjection to the law of God, nor, in fact, can it be.” (Ro 8:7; Ga 5:17) The Scriptures describe a conflict that goes on within the Christian because of two inimical forces: (1) “the law of God,” which Paul spoke of as the law now governing his mind, and also as “the law of that spirit which gives life in union with Christ Jesus,” and (2) “sin’s law that is in [one’s] members,” or “the law of sin and of death.” (Ro 7:22-25; 8:2) The apostle Peter, in similar vein, admonishes Christians to “keep abstaining from fleshly desires, which are the very ones that carry on a conflict against the soul.” (1Pe 2:11) James the half brother of Jesus concurs, speaking of “cravings for sensual pleasure that carry on a conflict in your members.” (Jas 4:1) One must recognize these things as enemies in order to stand firm against them.

  • 6 years ago

    when someone is envy of someone else become his or her enemy. then they don't need any reason. they are just jealous.

  • 6 years ago

    If there exist friendship,there also exist enemy.Sometimes we can learn many

    things from our enemy than our close friend.

  • 6 years ago

    I think its weather or not that person gets in the way of your goals or mission, or in other words they technically serve as an obstacle for your original plans

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