If obesity begets obesity in relationships, would people be more justified in being hostile towards "fat acceptance?"?

There seems to be a lot of questions that suggest that people should be more accepting of those who are obese. Many of these types of questions in this section seem to vilify men who aren't attracted to heavier women, while there have been backlashes against companies like Abercrombie & Fitch for not providing clothing that fits plus sized consumers.

I read a write up about a study on Precision Nutrition that suggested that if your partner is obese, your odds of becoming obese increase by 37%. Having a best friend who is obese increased the chances of you becoming obese by 57%. And of course while it's possible that some people can be heavy and still be relatively healthy, for most people, it does cause health problems.

So my question is this: if you were a parent, and you saw figures like these...would it change your opinion of the "fat acceptance" movement? Furthermore, would you be discouraging your children from embarking on relationships (whether friendship or romantically) with obese people based on these kinds of studies?


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    7 years ago
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    I don't really know what the fat acceptance movement is but if it is just about telling people not to make fun of those who are overweight then I don't understand why people need to be hostile about that. I think obesity is sad and I am not sure how to stop it but I think parents have a big role to play in helping their children avoid becoming overweight. I have twin boys who are teenagers and are both into sports especially jiu jitsu which I think they may decide to keep up long into their adult years as they are both very good. From the time they were little I taught them to be active and so their friends and girlfriends have so far been other kids who mostly have been active themselves. I also taught them to be fair to all people and kind to those people who deserve it so I wouldn't now teach them that they should avoid overweight people because it might make them overweight.

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    7 years ago

    I am a parent, but the figures you quote do not change my opinion of the fat acceptance movement. I've always thought the fat acceptance movement was a bad idea and dangerously unhealthy. These figures only confirm my previous beliefs. What these figures do change in me is how accepting I am likely to be if my daughter ever gets into a relationship with an overweight man. I would want to warn her of the potential consequences to her health.

    We should, as a society, be far less accepting of obesity. Why? Because it's an epidemic that is entirely avoidable and which is costing all of us in terms of increased health insurance. Obesity costs us all millions and it is a choice - no one gets obese without first overeating, and no one is forcing people to overeat.

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    7 years ago

    Why would a secure person attack another about their weight? There weight is non of your business. Only A coward would make fun of an overweight person. Its not your job to judge them. Why do emotional people think they can judge others but they won't be judged.

    Everyone is responsible for themselves. I don't care if you marry an over weight person. Its still 100% your fault if you gain weight. If you blame your weight increase on your spouse your a worthless piece of zhit.

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