Does God have free will? Is his will free will?

1. If yes, then good!

Free will exists all along, as old as God's age - then it was not his creation.

But, if yes, he can choose bad or good, or neither or both at once. God will use his free will for good and evil too.

2. If no, then good!

How did God create free will without will or free will? Is God free from will? If God didn't have will, in first place, he must not be able to will to create will, free will.

Watch some if you like but they don't answer my question

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  • 6 years ago
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    yes and yes

  • 6 years ago

    If God knows everything that will ever happened, if he is in fact that omnipotent, than he can;t have free will, because he won't be able to change the future he knows about.

    If he can change the future he is aware of, then that creates a future he is not aware of, and therefore he is not God.

  • 6 years ago

    If free will were above God, God would not be God. God's will is paradoxical, because God can do or be anything, but one of the attributes of Godhood is that it is not changed or effected by anything. To make a different decision God would have to be God. To be UNABLE to make a different decision would make God less than God.

    In Baptist Bible camp, I was told God can make a stone heavier than he can lift, AND can lift it!

    God has the potential to freedom but changing would make him not God.

    Free will for humans is just ludicrous.

  • 6 years ago

    Only Love is God's will. Nothing else.

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  • 6 years ago

    God does not exist. Hence free will is something we determine ourselves based on our examinations of the situations we face in everyday life.

  • 6 years ago

    A recent Scientific American article touches on this subject. In the article the authors bring up some good observations that people who think that there is no free will are, in essence, more prone to permit sin and unethical behaviour due to the ruling ideas of our capitalist society. While that last part was not brought out clearly, it must be assumed based on the acceptance of empirio-critical science and positivist-mechanistic think that dominates the capitalist mode of production of ideas. Ontologically nobody gets into this issue. If God, as an infinite information carrying substance does not exist, if Substance does not think, and hence matter is dead and lacks all capacity for thinking, then how do we think? Secondly, if we have free will, and will is not determined, then the order and connection of our ideas do not need to be adapted to the infinite intellect of "God". If God has free will, then god would be capricious, which contains a contradiction in the sense that God would lack Perfection, hence God needs some "Freedom of Will" by which to adapt to Gods infinite extension. However, if God's Intellect (order and connection of information carrying quantum particle and sparticles), intelligence (the power of thinking of the quantum unified field), and the intelligibles ( the individual particles/sparticles in super-symmetry in their inner relations and work of the field of each) would correspond to the order and connection of extended being, the power of all material extension of being, and the individual particle/sparticle extensions in their locality, would be unified as absorber-induction//emitter- electric-displacement material quantums. God must be a determinate and perfect Being having infinite thinking thought as well as eternal extending extension, and these two opposites must be Unified in Nature equal to god's Perfection and Substance having real existence. This idea is expressed by Ernst Haeckel's book: Riddle of the Universe, and by Spinoza and Einstein, and in Marxism-Leninism, as in Dialectical Materialism. Some confusion is caused by the liberal existentialists who are "godless' and believe that existence precedes essence. Free will is not based on situations we examine everyday, but depend on our ontological understanding and adaption to the determinisms in our life as well as our state of liberation of our understanding. We are either a slave to truth and necessities or a slave to opinions and ruling class abstraction and illusions. nobody is "free" simple because they have a will, and must decide something, but we are free only to the degree our ideas correspond to the objective truth and formal essence of things in service to our conatus and to the liberation of our society from all exploiters, because if exploiters are free to manipulate the "free will" of the people, than the people are not "free" of the "free will" of the exploiters to manipulate them in interests contrary to real human emancipation.

  • God doesn't exist. Also, this is a theological matter.

  • 6 years ago

    Yes, I think he has free will. I think he is in control of his actions like we control our actions. We have free will to. No one else can control us but god does tell us what is right and wrong and offer help.

  • ?
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    6 years ago

    God's mentality ~vel non is alien to us and no speculation can be accurate.

  • Mel
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    6 years ago

    God is pure being and hence not distracted by human attributes such as will or anything else.

  • 6 years ago

    As there is no god, pointless

    This is the section of reason and wisdom, not superstition and myth, that is R&S.

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