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Mark asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 6 years ago

I am writing an interesting history essay.?

It has to do with the United States. Basically, what would North America, and the world, be like if the Revolutionary War was lost, Washington was killed, and the British won. I got the idea from the movie, America, that is out now. It does not go into enough detail for me to be interesting.

Can anyone imagine the first 50 years, say, 1790 to 1840 ? Then, 1840 to 1890?


Thanks for the answers ! Much of what you've said is what I have written. I have Britain claiming territory West to the Miss. River. West of it is Mexican land thanks to Gen. Santana. The Native Americans have their fights for land, too.

I have the French in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, Spain West of the Rocky Mountains.

There are more details to add like no Civil War, Britains abolishment of slavery in the 1840's, what happens to the slaves, does taxing by England start another revolution...

Update 2:

...American invention of weapons, warfare, transportation, city development have all changed.

All of these now non-events shape 1890 to 1940, then 1940 to 1990.

Interesting, because none of us would exist.

Update 3:

Very good answers. Immigration is reduced to near zero; Industrialization increases.

I'm also including what decreases: American ingenuity, inventions, discoveries all decline.

And then in say 1940, what do (we, the U.S.) look like? More like 1890? And, Europe remains warlike, without the United State to intervene. How far has air travel advanced, since now it was discovered in France. whew.

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    There are plenty of variables to consider, and it does make speculation hard. But, it's still a neat question.

    If the American Revolution were lost in the 1770s, the path to American independence would have been much longer, occurred in stages, but probably would have been achieved by the middle of 20th century. The route to full independence would probably be parallel to the negotiation process of the Canadians. The UK was industrializing in the early 1800s, which would have given the British Empire a tremendous advantage over any rebellious colonists in the 1800s - the window for U.S. independence was narrow and if it wasn't achieved by 1800, the road to independence would be a long one.

    Along the lines of industrialization, the UK might have been able to take advantage of the vast natural resources of southern North America in the same way the fledgling U.S. did in the middle 1800s. Those raw goods & materials would have to be shipped east across the Atlantic, but the British Empire was masterful in exploiting colonies for raw materials, manufacturing finished goods in the Isles, and then shipping back some of the finished products back to the colonies.

    The cities on the eastern seaboard would have continued their pre-1775 roles of being what's called "points of attachment" to the mother country. And, cities in the interior would have developed, but far more slowly. The Brits would not accept the waves of immigration from Western Europe and later South Europe to colonial North America in the same way the U.S. did during the 1800s.

    So, say the U.S. gets full independence in the 1930s.... the cities would be smaller, the countryside less populated by Euro-Americans, and the country would not be nearly as developed.

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    As a American these days I think that the world would be in a better place if the Revolutionary War was lost. From 1790-1840 it could have gone the same as it was before the war, or even worse for the people in the colonies for trying to rebel. IN 1861 when the American Civil war took place, in the world where there is no America, maybe the colonies tried to revolt again? Say they won? then maybe the constitution turn out different? But what if they lost again? Then things would go as before. And maybe the colonies split up and became separate countries, or maybe by 1890 the colonies succeeded into Britain. Maybe by the time Lewis and clark would have made their discovery, it would of been done by British rule or not at all and it was left for another country (Spain or France) to take over. Maybe the Hawaiian islands would of stayed how they were along with Alaska. Maybe the Native Americans would of never been persecuted. If you choose to go further in time to 1918, consider America's role in world war one and see how it would be different? Good luck on your paper it seems like it will be fun!

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    Of course one can imagine it, old Chap. It would have been spiffing, quite delightful. And one would not have suffered all that immigration from Eastern Europe, Germany, Poland, Italy, Ireland and Spain. All would be subjects of Queen Victoria (1840-90) and shared in the expansion of the British Empire, the largest empire the world has seen. Regretfully, one would also end up as today with no empire and no real cohesive society, just a land full of immigrants and an inept government, ensnared by big business.

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    It would be like Canada up to the Mississippi. Texas and the Southwest would be part of Mexico (or possibly its own country). And the area of the Louisiana purchase, would be up for grabs between GB, France, and Spain. Maybe a war, maybe just a sale from France to GB.

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    Well its hard to think on such a huge scale, you`ll have around a zillion especulations to make.

    But instead of having Mc donnals all over the world we will have tea house we will be watching Austin power and saying things like god save the

    Come to my country..I will give you your revolution.. lol

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    It is impossible to say what would have happened. Too many variables.

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    6 years ago

    The world would be run by tyrants.

  • 5 years ago

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