[ URGENT ] How do i find a person without knowing their name?

I know have their characteristics (for ex: height, age, race, their job but not where they work, some hobbies, hair color, eye color, and baby picture)


so PLEASE help me find this person, i really need to find them,

i have tried everything and really need to know how i could possibly find someone without their name.

Thank You ~Gillian

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    This is what I would do, call their work and tell them " someone helped me, makeup, whatever work they do, and ask, she/he has red hair, about 20, usually you can find out. You could even try to get a work email, if its that kind of thing.


    Source(s): If you need help, merleyb4@yahoo.com. .. kristine
    • Gillian6 years agoReport

      Thank you, but I only know they're an EMT, not the hospital though

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