Jen asked in PetsDogs · 7 years ago

Why does this dog hate me and only me?

Me and my wife have a family friend who we come to her house all the time. Every time I come over her dog barks and growls like crazy at me and being all kinds of aggressive. He loves my wife and my kids and us super friendly to them. Even with the other man in the house. He only gets aggressive towards me. I don't have a dog myself nor am I around any other dogs. What could this be?

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  • 7 years ago

    It's a fearful dog that's never been trained, socialized or corrected for its unacceptable behaviour. A lot of fearful dogs are fine with women and kids but afraid of men. Men have deeper voices, are bigger, their mannerisms are more assertive/aggressive and that scares the dog. It knows the man it lives with so has learned to accept him. The owners should be working with this dog so it doesn't have to spend its life living in miserable fear

    Ignore the dog. No eye contact. Don't approach it. Just leave it alone.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Was the dog adopted from a shelter? Perhaps the dog was abused by previous owners and you remind the dog of the said abuser.

  • 7 years ago

    we have a female who used to do this with one particular male she basically hated him he was a frequent visitor and he tried allsorts toys treats ignoring her but nah she wasnt having any of it and bark not stop the whole time he was in the house course we told her off but she didnt let up. i would suggest maybe trying treats or just ignoring it but unfortunately some dogs are just like that have a word with the owner and see if they have any ideas what you could do if the owner agrees when you go to there house and the dog starts just spray it with water its not cruel but they dont want the police involved for having an a aggressive dog also they should be reprimanding this dog as it is unaceptable behaviour

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