Thoughts on Diego Reyes starting FC Portos (A team) last 2 games?

Thought s. ?

He played the full 90 minutes midweek in Europa League vs Napoli (2-2) and then today in the portuguese league vs some team (1-0). He started and played like 70 or so minutes and got subbed off.

Anyone see these games? If so, what position did he plau and did he do good? I suppose he did, if he started 2 straight games.

Hector herrera wasnt fallen out of favor after the coach got fired. Hopefully he starts getting minutes so he can make the world cup list.

Bq: anyone see Giovani dos Santos goal today?

Bq2: why hasnt aquino been playing for villareal? He made an appearance today, but in the past few games (like a month or more) he didnt start or even make the bench? Was he injured or what?

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    He'll yeah I feel good for diego Reyes. Stepping his game up although it has to do with the new manager. This kid is great. The defense of rafa Moreno and Reyes is going to surprise once they link up. As for herrera I feel bad for him. He's getting no playing time at all and he's suppose to start for contencion. On a side not guardado was involved in both goals for leverkusen today as a pass to set up an assist and a free kick. Which the goalie blocked but rolfes scored. But two goals on opposition where scored from his side against a team that isn't so good in the league so take that with a grain of salt. As for gio the goal was clean. Deserves to start for a better team. No hesitation.

  • 7 years ago

    Good for Reyes.

    BQ: nah but Gio definitely has to be in World Cup

    Bq2: Aquino was injured for some time

  • EliTe
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    7 years ago

    I saw the game against Napoli. All of porto's defense is young, the oldest player is 22 and they all did good. They went to Italy against a good team and shut-down Iguain and Callejon. Reyes did good. Porto advances.

  • 7 years ago

    ^no mames amargado

    i never saw anything special in that guy

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  • 7 years ago

    Im glad man, hes our future main defender

  • nice. now people can stfu about reyes.

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