Am I the only one sick of the advertisements on Yahoo?

I realize that Yahoo Answers is a free service, and that it is advertiser I don't as a rule have a problem with advertising. HOWEVER when you continue to show me the same two NAUSEATING advertisements concerning toe fungus OVER AND OVER AGAIN, it gets incredibly frustrating!

I mean one of the photos even looks doctored to make it appear even more repulsive...and every time I've tried to change the advertising options, nothing works!

Seriously why doesn't Yahoo save those disgusting advertisements for people who actually want to see them??? Give us the option to click on the advertisement if we want to see disgusting toe fungus and brittle, broken toe nails. I mean what's next...gruesome photos of ebola victims???

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hopefully they personalize advertisements like facebook.

    Ads is how yahoo page makes their money to keep it running.

    I can careless about those Ads, i rarely look at them.

  • 7 years ago

    Actually I normally hate adverts when we have them on the TV in the UK,but on here I dont even notice them as they dont disrupt what you are doing.I continue answering questions and dont look. Without them we would have no Yahoo answers and what would we do then.

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