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Why are schools allowed to brain-wash children with the evolution science-fiction theory?

I mean really, they teach it as fact when it's ONLY a science-fiction theory that doesn't hold water.

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    Sweetheart, the school is NOT telling you that you have to believe it, they are just telling you that you have to know about it. Do you think everyone that was taught & knows Greek Mythology, believes in Zeus?

  • Lou G
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    7 years ago

    One could ask in the same way, "why are schools allowed to brainwash children with what ever it is?" It does not matters if it is religion, politics, patriotism, or even evolution stuff, as you said. Now if I had to give my OK to one of those fields, it would be evolution, since among the 3, it is the only one that evolves. The others are dogmatic and barely change in time. In science, a truth of today can be a lie tomorrow, all is to find one more link or building stone others missed. In politics and religions, the lies they tell you today stay the same for eternity.

  • NDMA
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    7 years ago

    Because so far theist and their churches don't have the guts to tell the State they can take their schools as shove it.. Every Church should either house a school, day care or at least a home schooling resource center and every preacher from every pulpit should declare - come out of her my people and never go back again.

    If every professing Christian pulled their children out of the System the system would collapse and the parents would be back in charge! Education should be treated the same way as Religion - separated from the state, run locally by NGO educational corporations.

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    Evolution does not say god.did.not.create man. It just says that man changes over time. For example people can have more body cplder.climates. say thats not.true? Or they are bigger and.stronger.but be so we are not as strong as our ancestors. This is scientifically proven. You can not deny that after you look at the evidence. So it could.still be.possible god creatrd man but he created them stronger and.hairyer than.we are now.

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  • 6 years ago

    evolution is more believabl than believing stories like a nine hundred year old man built a humungous boat and got animals from all around the world onto it

  • 7 years ago

    What would you prefer? Faerie tales like that creationist story (not even a theory)? Creationism doesn't even hold air, let alone water.

  • 7 years ago

    Gravity is also a theory... I don't see you jumping out of buildings

  • 7 years ago

    The public schools, universities and the media have been hijacked by atheists wanting to push their FAIRY TALE on the unsuspecting children.

    Unfortunately, we have let them.


    Evolutionists will often point to small changes in human and animal species (of which there is no dispute) as evidence that over millions of years a dinosaur will change into a bird or a cow into a whale with ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE. This theory has just left the realm of observational science and has gone to SPECULATION.

    Today, this philosophy has been hijacked by those who wish to promote and INDOCTRINATE others into a “SECULAR HUMANIST ATHEISISM” just as it was hijacked in Nazi Germany by those wishing to promote a “master race”.

    This philosophy has as its basis:

    1) Abiogenesis which says that this highly complex, fine-tuned Creation with its many interdependent symbiotic relationships just happened by random chance (eliminate the need for God the Creator).

    2) Evolution from animals justifies our sinful human behavior. (Eliminate the need for absolute morals, therefore anything you feel like doing is OK. Therefore, there is no need for God to save us from our sins)

    3) Survival of the fittest which sees nothing wrong with killing innocent babies, the infirmed, the aged and the mentally slow. (justifies more sinful behavior)

    There is no human benefit derived from teaching evolution. It has not helped man develop computers, build better buildings, help doctors in operating rooms nor develop new vaccines or medicines. It is simply a philosophy whose sole purpose is to convince others that there is no God.

  • 7 years ago

    Because there have to be some people living in the real world. It's OK for the dumb to be ignorant, because they are not likely to make any contributions anyway.

  • Ebony
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    7 years ago

    You know if you opened your mind you'd be able to see that evolution and the bible do correlate.

    Ps I'm not religious and I'm not an atheist.

    I believe in God, I just take the basics out of the bible, that's all you need.

    It's not word for word anyhow.

    The bible really didn't need to be as long as it is. It just confuses people and makes them look way too far into crap that really doesn't matter

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    sooooooooooooo........ let's teach them the first man was made of mud and spit.... snakes talk...... that light was invented before the sun was made.... and I'm not even off the first page..................................... only 1500 more to go..............

    I know you people sincerely believe in your bible.... and I support that as long as you can make the distinction between what you believe and what is the truth. You can't believe anything hard enough or long enough to make it true.

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