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Am I too fat for Tumbling/Cheer/Gymnastics?

I really want to start doing tumbling, cheer, gymnastics etc.

I'm 5"4 maybe 5"5 & 220 lbs.

I'm willing to work on being even more flexible & able to do more stunts and tricks but am I able to do this?

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    You can't do cheer because it is a team sport and you have to be of a standard with the rest of the team.

    Since gymnastics is an individual sport you can do it at many different levels so it is more plausible for you.

    You would be very limited in what you can do since it will be difficult for you to support your weight on your arms and move yourself around. Coaches will probably not be able to physically support you safely and effectively so they will need to suggest variations or use props to avoid spotting. For example you could hold front support with your feet on a box rather than being spotted for handstands. You would also be at higher risk of injury, particularly in leaps, because of the greater impact force when landing.

    If you did start gymnastics you would need to work on improving your strength and general fitness, far more than flexibility. As this improved the range of skills you could work on would grow wider.

    Skipping and jumping jacks would make a good start.

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  • 6 years ago

    I'm going to put this a delicately as possible... You are quite a bit heavier that what you would typically see in a gymnast or cheerleader. Having someone trying to spot you during training will be difficult. I would suggest getting you overall level of fitness up and you weight down before considering this type of training.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    U can do anything think positive

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