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Advice on buying a e-cig vaporizor?

I have just recently started doing vapor instead of smoking. I am using a cheap BLOWEZ pen as of now but i am looking for something more higher quality. I have seen online about all these different mods and tanks with the hundreds of options of putting one together. I have tried out one called Sentinel M16 clone. I am looking for something similar to that with a tank and battery and everything. But I have not been too keen on searching for individual parts i need. Are there any sort of kits that is all inclusive and has everything I need minus the juice to start vaping right out of the box? One that is of that Quality as the Sentinel M16 clone mod and the Russian clone tank. I just dont want to be buying different parts seperately

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  • 7 years ago

    e-cigs are all good and fine but they just kept me wanting a cigarette. I went and purchased a Vapology Cigarette it comes in a variety of flavors and is available in different nicotine levels. The vapology cigarette is better and I like it better.

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