Is my weight the reason I might not be getting hired?

I am over weight, classified as obese but many people are surprised when they find out how much I weigh they usually think 20 to 30 pounds less then what I weigh. So I don't look obese, but over weight. I am a hard worker and haven't been fired ever. I also don't wear make-up, only because I am allergic to a lot of things! I keep my teeth in great health, and take care of my skin on my face. Suck as gentle face scrubs and natural mud masks. I keep my eyebrows trimmed and plucked but not that super thin eyebrow look, they still look natural but cleaned up. My hair is its natural hair color, and when I go on interviews, I put in a big clip in the back and do my bangs nicely. However despite the great interviews and many of the employers love how positive and sweet I am (they say so). I never get the job. So I started to think, is it my weight? Some of the places I applied to there new hires are always if not thin. I find it a bit upsetting if it is but I would like some adice maybe from the hiring managers and what not on yahoo.


I always apply within my experiences, I worked at a nursing home for 2yrs as a housekeeping aide, and a cashier at a grocery store for 2. yrs. while in that same store I worked as a Deli clerk for 1 yr. I applied to Tim Horton's, Family Dollar, Subway and a few other local stores in my area. I also know how to do interviews as I went to Erie 1 boces for technical training in high school and they train you to make the best resume you can. As well as train you how to properly approach and speak to the interviewer.

@ CLR apparently you didn't fully read my description, many employers liked me for my upbeat positive and nice attitude.

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    It's not your weight, I work with people that are more over weight then you are. Employers shouldn't discriminate against your weight. It can be hard to look past but employers should care so much about your body weight.

    Maybe try to find some hypoallergenic make up that won't irritate your skin and wear your hair down, some times wearing your hair up tightly can make you look a bit harsh or sever. A bit of naturally done make up can help too, some people think that you don't care if you don't put on some make up.

    A lot of people are out there looking for work so there can be some competition for the same job you are applying for. Also follow up with applications and interviews.

    It's more about your attitude and the way you fit into a position rather then the way you look. I've gotten hired for positions when I was 175 pounds.

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    Of course a future employer could not comment to you on weight because its against the law. However, you mentioned your great interviews and the interviewer commenting on how "sweet and nice" you are. It's possible that they are taking your weight issue to think that your a lazy worker or maybe going to be too passive. Not saying that you are but people go based on first impressions. Here is some advice: 1. when you go into the interview, shake their hand with some authority. 2. Get loaded up on coffee or an energy drink before you go in so they can see the electricity you have 3. Ask a lot of questions and use your knowledge to razzle dazzle them. They have a million and one people saying the usual..I'm a hard worker, I'm a team player...etc. need to show them! Practice in the mirror before your interview. Do something that makes you feel good to build up your confidence. Put your weight on the back burner. If you are pre-occupied with that negativity, it will show through! Go get em!

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  • n2mama
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    You say absolutely nothing in your question about your qualifications for the jobs, or your experience or educational background, so it's really impossible to judge what may be the issue. Is your weight a possibility? Maybe, depending on what kind of job you're applying for. If it is a physically demanding position, it's possible the hiring manager may have concerns about your ability to keep up with the pace of the work.

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    probably not. maybe check you personality or your resumes maybe you just don't have enough experience in the right areas

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  • Beery
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    7 years ago

    Maybe. Why don't you lose the weight?

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    7 years ago

    this may not be a factor, try examining all aspects

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