Should I get a second medical opinion?

Hi, I have a strawberry sized cyst as well as several smaller cysts in my sinus cavity a deviated septum and constant swollen nasal passage ways. The big one has been there for over a decade, and my Dr. said my nose spray will make it go away but it didn't ( nose spray is steroid). Now it is causing me problems. my entire right sinus cavity is infected for the 3 or 4th time this year from the cyst and It is causing me extreme pain but my Dr. think it is unnecessary to remove it and wants to put me on steroids (made me gain weight and severe shaking the last time I was on it) . Due to the infection my right eye is swollen badly when I wake up first thing in the morning which I am concerned about eye damage. Also I have tmj issues so with my entire right sinus swollen it is causing me severe acute ear pain and jaw pain. Should I seek a second Dr. opinion or stay with the one that has cared for me since I was 5 (he's a ear nose throat specialist). Obviously these cyst's won't go away on there own I have had them for years but now they are growing and I am very concerned.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would seek a second opinion in this situation - mainly because of the sinus infection. Steroids suppress the immune response which makes your far more susceptible to infections. Since you already have problems with chronic infections, the steroids can make it worse. The steroids would be worth the risk if they cleared up the cysts, but if the cysts don't clear up, the steroids only add to the problem. In my non-medical, uninformed opinion, it doesn't look to me like steroids are a viable treatment option for you.

    To get a second opinion, you merely need to set up an appointment with another ENT and have a copy of your medical records sent to the other doc, or make some sort of arrangement to borrow the records and take them with you. Its important for the new doc to see your complete record because there might be a very good reason that is not apparent to you or me why your present doc wants to stick with the present treatment approach.

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