Is donation for private medical colleges haraam?

Assalamalecum wa rehmatullahi wa barakhatahu, I c many good muslim doctors admit their children through donation in private medical colleges, but many people say it is haraam, but when I did research I found that the process used for selection of candidates for medical colleges is based on reservation which is prohibited in islam, Allah says in Quran in ch 6 v 159-Allah says to prophet to nothing to do with those who make sects, Allah will c them in hereafter, my question is whether to follow a system which is based on a thing prohibited by Allah or do a thing in which no clear verse is associated with, many people will say about ch 2 v 188-Allah says don't use ur power to change the judgement of judge, which I don't think fits in this scenario, Allah says in ch 16 v 116-that there will b some who without any knowledge will say this is wrong this is right, Allah prohibited inventing lie against him in ch 4 v 50, ch 6 v 21.Allahfiz.

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  • Indamo
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    7 years ago
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    No, it isnt.

  • 6 years ago

    We alekumuselam.

    This is very important Q .

    You have to ask Islamic scholar for this , not here.

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