Do I have misophonia?

Some of these things never were a bother, perhaps I wasn't paying attention, or maybe it was because I was younger, but lately I've been noticing that I get angry at the smallest things. When my mom repeatedly crinkles a potato chip bag it makes me want to punch a wall, literally. When we wash the dishes and there's loud clacking noises it makes me want to shut down and yell. Usually I find myself closing my eyes and making a fist at these noises. Recently a kid in my class was bouncing his leg up and down and the zipper on his backpack was hitting the metal leg and it made a little 'cling cling cling' noise and it bugged me REALLY bad. I just sighed and dealt with it the best I could. If someone makes a smacking noise or, wet noise, with their mouth, that just really irks me. And sometimes my friends voice really gets on my nerves, and I like my friend.

Do I have this? Or am I just really irritable?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes, id say so, but you know that you have a problem, so now you can work on it, just start by forcing yourself not to react when some random noise bothers you, itll get easier and easier until you just stop noticing all together

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