can a commonlaw wife put her common law husband in a mental institution if he is violent and has an IQ of a to?

This guy has the IQ of a toddler. He walks around outside in his underwear, his vocalizations are loud, louder and scream. He threatens my friend to beat her if she didn't do exactly the way he wants he smacks her. I've seen him do it. He has the voice of an irratated 3 year old and makes my skin crawl when shouts out, "I love you ----!

He makes me sick. He would live in and bugs if it she wasn't there. He's been arreasted 25 times for drugs and, because I have been in the nursing field for 22 years, I can tell if he's been dipping. He has.They live in a small camper because they can't get help from anyone. She needs peace and being able to sleep not having to know that she wasn't getting a beating. She has one in the family that lives in this town to help her. Can she put him in a mental institution? He's dangerous.


Why indeed. I would have kicked his hinny to the road the first time I realized this was going to be permenent. I can't tell you how many times this loser has embarressed me when he is in the van with us. I keep thinking he should be in a tiddler seat. Then when one wants to go one way and the other wants to go another. It's a shouting match that several times I've pulled over and told him to get out and walk if he didn't keep quiet. He saw that I was dead serious so he shut up. I can't stand him and neather does she. We need to get rid of him legally and not with a 44. I live in South Carolina so if someone closer to me, can you help?

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    7 years ago
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    Depends on the laws where she in FL there's something called the "Baker Act" where anyone can commit anyone (who is a threat to themselves or others) to a mental institution for evaluation...

    Why doesn't she leave him, regardless of whether or not she's able to institutionalize him??? Why get with or stay with a person like you describe???

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    Your friend should be carted off to the mental institution. Clearly she's the insane one, for tolerating this "person" (and I use the term loosely) in her life for this long.

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