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My parents wants to send me to hospital beacuse I dont want to study abroad !!!!!?

they said I mustbe sick in my head If i dont want that opportunity and i know that is bad for me to go study in some unfamiliar place with people i do not know. they only protect themselves and their own pride. i know they are ashamed of me because i lost my right to study in the college i was and now i have to go to another toen travel to college two hours and two hours back and cant ask for help anymore and they hate me. i am now all alone in my own house.

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    I'm guessing you're over 18? Go to a lawyer (even if it's a free one) and get them to protect your interests. Even if they aren't for free you can send the bill to your parents (what I would do). Don't be a push-over!!!

    But why wouldn't you want to study abroad? (Very) far away from your parents.... Didn't you take second laguage courses?

    You don't owe your parents anything. They had you; not the other way around.

    Maybe if you went to the hospital because of them you could show a judge how ridiculous your parents are. Good luck!!

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