My girlfriend is the navy and I am in college?

My girlfriend and I just recently graduated high school together. She just got done with basic and is in Great Lakes in Illinois. I just started my first semester as a freshman at a small college in Iowa. We wrote each other many times during her basic. From what she would write, she wanted to continue on in this relationship for a life time. To my surprise, she broke up with me a day after graduating basic, saying she wanted to remain as friends.

All I know is that I love and care for her immensely, and I don't want to let her go. We're in good terms and I am going to tell her my feelings today.

How could this all possibly workout? Could we last? We were dating for 2 months before basic however, we quickly grew close together and her personality is compatible with mine. What should I do? I don't want us to end. Has anyone shared a similar experience? If so, how did that work out?

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  • 7 years ago
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    you dated for 2 months. and you are ready to spend a life with her? think with he head on your shoulders!

    she is moving on with her professional life. all you can do is agree to the terms, be friends, and hope. but in the mean time, plenty of women in your classes i am sure.

    you may not want it to end, butt she wants to try the waters, let her, maybe she will discoiver she had a good thing.

    i'm not going to quote any phrases you see on greeting cards, because life is not a hallmark card.

    don't press too hard or she is gone forever.

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    7 years ago

    I dated my wife for 5 weeks (she was Navy also) before asking her to marry me just before she shipped out NAS Jacksonville. We got married about 9 months later, and after that, it was still another 6 months before she got a transfer to my base and we got a house.

    Basically, when you know it's the right person, you know. That was 33 years ago, and we've been together ever since.

    I'd be lying if I didn't say it's not easy by a long shot, and we are the exception rather than the norm. Everyone I ever served with is on at least their 2nd marriage.

    My deployment schedule and time at sea was ridiculous, and back then there was absolutely no contact whatsoever like they have now with email, teleconferencing, etc. I estimated one time that for the first 8 years we were married, we were only actually together about 3 of that, and that included 1 year of training (my 2nd C school) in San Diego.

    A few words of advice though, whether you make it or not:

    1. NEVER base a relationship strictly on sex, not matter how mind-blowing it might be. After the hormones wear off, if you've got nothing else in common, you won't last a year. That's something I

    learned the hard way before I got married; the girl I was with then, it seemed we had everything in common, but when we split up and I analyzed what went wrong (for about 3 years afterward) it finally hit me that we really didn't have what mattered most in common that keeps people together.

    2. It's harder on dependents, since any military member cannot talk about their job or where they are, and what they were doing. It was easier on my wife since she was a sailor, but for regular dependents it's tough; there's a good reason why the divorce rate in the Navy is very high.

    3. Relationships last by how you deal with adversity and the hard times; if you can weather them, you'll stick together.

    4. Separations in the Navy are long; if you can't deal with it, time to nix it now rather than later. By "long" I mean up to a year in some cases, depending on her job and what ship she's assigned to. I calculated my first year aboard my boat that we were at sea or away from home port 293 days.

    My point is even though the odds are against you, don't let anyone tell you it can't be done or you won't last; if they do, send 'em my way and I'll set their a$$ straight on the subject.

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    7 years ago

    long ago, I met a sweet thing, and we hit it off like peanut butter and jelly.

    and it was mostly physical, cuz I lacked quality social skills, dad never

    had the talk, and I won't bore you anymore with my then inadequacies

    but a cpl weeks into this thing we had going, she tells me she was already

    signed up to go into the airforce prior to meeting me and it was a kick in the gut for me.

    I didn't even know what to say [what a tard ,eh?! ] but we continued to see each other

    til she left, but I never wrote her at her last address, and she didn't try to get a

    hold of me either! so it just dissolved.....pretty sad when I look back. I have

    way better skills today.

    hard to say what to tell her if anything....but since she did break up, it would be up

    to her to contact you. if you contacted her, you would look desperate....

    and that's not too dignified.

    your best bet would be to move on and put her on the back burner.

    in 4 years , she'll be a different person. if she does contact you, by all means

    respond in kind. and perhaps, you may get a once in a while back n forth thing

    going, but maybe not.

    so, don't plan on anything, just take a wait and see attitude

    in the meantime you may find another sweetie


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    7 years ago

    You were only together 2 months before she left so have actually been apart longer than you were together. You each have a LOT of growing up to do so all you do is be there as a friend and if it grows from there then great, but if not then that is part of life. If you push her too much with your feelings then guess what she is going to block you and being friends will NOT be an option.

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  • 7 years ago

    Don't worry, she'll be banging her way through her A-school class in no time. Right about the same time you're hooking up with various co-eds.

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    7 years ago

    Keep in touch, maybe in a few years you get back together. It happens.

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    7 years ago

    You dated for 2 months and you were in love? Welcome to Dumpsville, Population: You!

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