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Would the doctors take me seriously due to my age? Please don't judge, just want help!?

Hey there,

I'm 16 years old & am currently TTC. Yes, some of you or most of you reading this will think whoa, what a stupid little slag haha..but really it is my choice, mainly considering I'm legal to have a kid. I'm in care anyway & they've always told me if I get pregnant then I'll get free support for the baby til I'm 24 apparently..

Anyway, me & boyfriend are thinking of going to the doctors to discuss the fact I think I might be infertile. I understand that the average time for most couples to conceive is up to a year, but I've always had suspisions I can't have kids due from the fact I've been TTC now for 6 months. I also get like pain in my lower abdomen every so often. Like quick sudden pains etc.

Btw, I live with foster parents. My foster mum registered me with a local gp when I moved here, said they were really good etc, but omg I have never been so let down in my life by an actual doctor! Firstly, he tried pressuring me into having contraception which is fair enough, but then explained he realised he shouldn't considering I'm at the legal age to be trying..(this doctors doesn't know I'm trying as my foster mum comes in with me everytime & I don't believe they'll be 100% confidential as they say they are), & then asked me what was up where I explained I'm having random weird pains/twinges in my stomach, I have a hard what feels like something pushing through my stomach wall, but it's a really hard lump only on the right side which starts from the top of my rib cage & ends above my right ovary. He even felt this lump & said just to LEAVE IT! Because it will go by itself, however I've noticed it being there since I was like 11! I also told him I'm scared I can't have kids because doctor's in the past always told me to bring this up so I can have it sorted before it's too late. It angered me so much when he just made me leave his room because he thought I was over reacting. I want a doctor who will actually take me seriously for once! My mum tried with me for 8 years! So there is a family history of things like this aswell..

Anyway, getting back to the main thing, if me & my boyfriend (of 2 years) go to the doctors where he lives & say we've been trying they won't judge us will they? I've been told doctors are just supposed to help with the medical side of it, & not bring up anything about finance etc because that's family planning's job? I just want some good advice on what to do, please don't bring up about finance because I just want to know the doctor's side of it for now, as my support worker is talking to me about finance later on this week.

I just feel as though I have nobody to turn to, I don't want to be judged on my age by a doctor, I just want to know if they'll help me or not seeing as I am the legal age! I got told they most probably will but I need advice..I also know exactly when I ovulate aswell so that's all sorted.

Thank you for the answerers who don't judge me & actually take me seriously! Ten points to the best answers!

I also have a pelvic kidney which is possibly located right next to my uterus which they won't remove etc, I've had it ever since I was born but I'm not sure if this sort of thing would stop me getting pregnant? Also I am taking vitamins etc! Know exactly which ones to take:)

I live in the UK by the way:)

Thank you!

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    They won't even consider fertility treatments if you haven't been trying for over a year. You need to be trying for 13 months or longer. You've been trying for 6 months. Some people have been trying for 2 years or longer and some are infertile, some get pregnant with IVF, and some are just plain fertile with nothing wrong with them.

    Example: My friend was adopted by this couple who believed they were infertile after trying for years on end. As soon as her adoption went through, they found out they were pregnant and now my friend has a little sister who is like 8-9 months younger than she is. My story was only to tell you that people get things into their head that aren't true and start believing them to be true when they are actually lies.

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    Visit another gp?x

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