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What to do Kundli is not matching but we loves each other so much?

What to do Kundli is not

matching but we both love each other?

Kundli not matching but want to marry each other after 1 years

Girl Details

Birthday:20th Apr 1992

Birth time:18:05:00

Place of birth:Ahmedabad

Boy's Details

Birthday:11th Dec 1991

Birth Time:17:30:00

Place of Birth: ahmedabad

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    You're right that it could work out if you give it a chance & are determined to put the effort into a good relationship.

    However, if you want an answer based on astrology, ask this again, click on Browse Category, & choose a different category. The best place to ask would be Entertainment & Music>Horoscopes. Then in your details, state that you'd like someone with knowledge of Jyotish, the Indian system of astrology, to answer.

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    Instead of loving each other before marriage, pray God separately with full devotion for success & get married soon. God has made solutions of every problem. Kundli matching concept is MAN MADE. None can tell future except God. If future is known to human beings before happening anything, the world would have been totally different & mostly problem free. Future tellers actually discourage people from making good POSITIVE efforts for bettering life. Horoscopes are better known as Horror Scopes. None will pray God if future told by any astrologer comes out to be correct> Most of astrologers tell things of double meanings, interpretable by them only in either way. It is up to you which way you follow but too much loving each other before wedding & delaying marriage is dangerous, particularly for a girl.

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    If you two love each other truly then these petty issues shouldn't affect your lives. You love the girl she loves you then whats the problem. Besides who believes in kundlis these days. I don't think people that do believe in this stuff are wrong but i feel it is very overrated, No piece of paper has the right to decide if to marry an individual or not. If she is perfect for you then go for it. God is very loving of his children. He is there to protect and guide you both, All the best.

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    no one on earth cares about this,why do indians do it??,do you have special god their,give its number i'll take to it.

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